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  1. I think they are so many iffy Rb who cant be worth starting like booker, duke, dobbins, fournette, but Wr like Mike Williams, Boyd, Higgins... What about Flex RB like Gio, White, Drake/Edmonds, Gurley, CEH/bell? I think DeAndre for next 2 weeks should be good over Gio
  2. I guess we will find out this weekend how much it nags in the game... 👀
  3. He will be back Week 15.... Dont you worry...
  4. I think he is a stash for the week. Wait and watch I guess.
  5. Akins or Fells? anyone stashing Cobb for playoff?
  6. i dont think that will happen at least not in week 14 and 15. They might play him and see how he does and if he feels anything during those 2 weeks than i do def see that they will shut him down for ROS.
  7. Yea they are same points but Rodgers has much higher ceiling and Herbet has various other factor. Any weekend Rodgers can put up 5 TD and but can you say Herbet can? I would have to see that let me check the matchup first.
  8. Nope stay put. Hopkins and Allen Rob QB hurt
  9. Rodgers but no one will trade you for Herbert
  10. I wouldn’t do it. You will really weak at WR.
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