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  1. Heating up....Still really love this guy in a dynasty
  2. Keeper league (+1 round penalty each year kept). This is a 0.5 PPR, 3 WR starters, 2 QB setup Options: Tyreke Hill (3rd rounder) Chris Godwin (4th rounder) Melvin Gordon (5th rounder) Aaron Jones (9th rounder) Tannehill (10th rounder) Devante Parker (10th rounder) I have been leaning Hill, Jones, and Parker, but what say you?
  3. Bump since I have to ignore anything from #morehitterztrollrush
  4. This is a 10 team H2H that keeps 8 - our dynasty is on delay so this is a keep 8 draft for next year, too. Lost Syndergaard to TJ. Categories: HR, R, RBI. SB, OBP, ERA, WHIP, QS, K, SVHLD Would you go Darvish or Stanton for final keep? Think Stanton has the higher upside, but with power so plentiful, Darvish may be the better bet. Rest of team: Batters: Freeman Lindor Kiura Harper Robles Pitchers: Snell Glasnow Thanks!
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