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  1. I dont disagree with anyone who wants to classify him as a WR1. He's certainly seeing the usage to warrant it. Amendola can never stay healthy, and it seems like Gronk always has something bothering him too. If Hogan can stay healthy, he'll easily be the Pats to receiver this year.
  2. Ive tried to trade him multiple times, as WR is my deepest position, in an effort to shore up my RB spot. Didnt get any real positive response. Im starting to be thankful for that. At this point Hogan is a set-it-and-forget-it WR2 in standard formats.
  3. I dont understand why so many will be surprised if he plays on Sunday. Just last season Jordy played the NFCCG in Atlanta with broken ribs - he missed 1 game. Sunday will be 10 days since the Packers played last. Its a pain tolerance issue, otherwise the Packers wouldnt even be letting him practice. Will he have a full workload? Of course not. But at this point I'll be surprised if he doesnt play.
  4. I wish you the best of luck. I promise I wont come back and tell you "I told you so" when Rodgers has 45+ pass attempts for well over 300 yards and Jones is really not even a big part of the game plan.
  5. The Packers game plan will be spread-and-fire. Book it. Its indoors vs a bad defense. The offensive line will be together for the first time this season. All of the receivers are healthy. They're not playing the Bears at home this week with 4 guards on the offensive line in a rainstorm. If you're banking on Mike McCarthy giving one of these rookies 15-20 carries, you're nuts. He barely gave that to Eddie Lacy per game when Lacy was actually good.
  6. TyMont practiced. He just didnt do individual drills portion, which is the portion the media sees. That part is literally their warmup, and lasts for just a few minutes. The team portion of practice is closed to the media. My guess is he was getting his vest and everything fitted during drills. The Packers went in pads today.
  7. My point is you guys depending on or hoping for production from Aaron Jones this week will be sorely disappointed. The big winners for fantasy from Ty Montgomery sitting arent the other two backs...they are Aaron Rodgers and the Packers receivers.
  8. Right. It will be Randall Cobb. Gosh, its like none of you have watched the Packers before...
  9. They'll go with the guy Rodgers feels most comfortable back there with. Dont forget they have Aaron Ripkowski, arguably the best blocking back on their roster.
  10. Aaron Jones didnt play a snap from scrimmage this season until Williams got hurt vs. the Bears. Pretty sure that's enough evidence for me.
  11. It means the Packers will just throw the ball more. You've got Rodgers and: -Jordy -Cobb -Davante -Allison -Bennett Pretty sure a team will go this way as opposed to Rodgers handing the ball off to a rook. People are making this too complicated.
  12. Im going by on what McCarthy has said throughout the season. Im a Packers fan and follow them quite close. McCarthy told anyone who would listen in training camp that Montgomery was his starting running back, and in his words was a "full threat". They had him add on a few pounds of muscle, and had him work with third-party coaching in the offseason on pass blocking and blitz pickup. It was obvious to anyone who wanted to listen who the #1 was going to be in GB this year. The idea that Williams was pushing Montgomery for playing time was peddled by an ESPN writer wh
  13. Jones got work because the two guys ahead of him were hurt and the Packers had a 3-4 score lead on the Bears at home. The Dallas defense sucks, but the game in Dallas on Sunday is going to be likely close, and high scoring. If you are the Packers, who are you going to trust with the ball in their hands in a high scoring game on the road - your HOF QB, or a rookie running back who looked decent in a blowout last game? We all know the answer to this. And we all know the answer to how the Packers feel about TyMont. Jones has some long-term appeal. But for this week vs.
  14. Um...yes it does. Because of the reason why Williams is ahead of Jones. Jones is probably the more talented runner. But Williams is the better pass blocker and has the better understanding of the offense. The Packers have made this clear from camp. In the end, Rodgers and McCarthy arent going to put people back there who dont know how to pick up blitzes or do what Rodgers wants them to do with protection. Its why Ripkowski played so much last year on 3rd downs even though TyMont was the featured back, and why TyMont worked all offseason on blitz pickup and protection schemes.
  15. Jones had 49 yards on 13 carries last week. Why are people talking about him like he gashed the Bears for 150 or something? If the Packers dont have TyMont, they're just gonna have Rodgers throw the ball more. This isnt that complicated. Too many people are making it so.
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