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  1. With his ongoing contact issues, dating back to last season, thinking Huira might just turn out to be Rougned Odor 2.0....
  2. True, but Romano only pitched in like 30 innings before this season and had been tabbed a closer in the making by his own pitching coach.
  3. How did we all miss out on Merryweather as all the hype went to Romano?
  4. Getting concerned about Nick Anderson. He had a forearm issue in the shortened 2020 then was brutally bad in the postseason. And now, it has come out that his elbow has been barking this spring even though he's been able to pitch through it. Really seems that he's not totally healthy, and probably not a great bet to make it through the season without additional issues. And just saw he was 90-91 on Wednesday, well below his usual velocity. Too many red flags here going back to 2020. Rays reliever Nick Anderson dealing with elbow issues (tampabay.com)
  5. Flaherty vs the Brewers makes for a nightmare. Even last year, he gave up something like 19 runs in 25 innings against Milwaukee. They're the worst possible opponent for him. And there's this today. https://twitter.com/jgroc/status/1309612699182084099
  6. Pedro Martinez raises some concerns about Mize's mechanics, and his potential to stay healthy throwing like this.
  7. I usually wouldn't think twice about an 11 game sample. But the issue last month, which was almost alarmingly vague, coupled with his prior elbow history, does make it fair to wonder. Even if only a little at this point.
  8. I'm growing a bit concerned about Huira. He's been really bad early on. How bad? At 55.0 percent he has the second lowest contact rate in all of baseball. At 22 percent he has the second highest swinging strike rate in all of baseball. I'm starting to wonder how healthy he is. Remember, he had some vaguely described "arm fatigue" last month. On it's own it may not seem like much. But his early woes and history makes you wonder. More: https://www.mlb.com/news/keston-hiura-scratched-with-arm-fatigue And more, from 2017: https://www.jsonline.com/st
  9. I hoped Familia may be given a shot to close for the Mets but his usage tonight, in the 5th and 6th, kinda dampens that parade....
  10. Interesting read. https://www.nj.com/yankees/2020/07/yankees-jordan-montgomery-may-be-something-special-everything-is-different.html
  11. Should the universal DH materialize, it could change the fantasy value of certain players. Kevin Cron, last year's minor league home run champ, could have an easier path to more consistent AB in Arizona under a universal DH system. https://www.milb.com/news/toolshed-kevin-cron-could-be-powerful-diamondbacks-dh-313435334 Eric Cross of FanTrax opines that Cron has .260/35 upside. What do people here think of him should a season be played?
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