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  1. s---y team could hype up the fans with HoF player. There are worse ways to spend money.
  2. I'm not even betting on the season lasting a few weeks at this rate..
  3. Ozzie has to prove himself until 2025 to earn a Major League contract. I expect five years of fire.
  4. Butler loves playing with a hard worker. He is going to love Nunn.
  5. Welcome to the year of dingers Nico. All he does is hit.
  6. My pitching looks like a**, but Alonso, Bregman, and Acuna are going to carry me this round.
  7. He is opening the year at Double-A.
  8. Fingers crossed they don't grab Hanley.
  9. Trade Eloy when he is called up. The hype machine should get you a better pitcher.
  10. I feel like we have seen what Hernandezs ceiling is. I would go with Kingerys upside. How deep is pitching in your league?
  11. This bodes well for Yonny Chirinos.
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