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  1. Actually every analyst and pretty much anyone who has paid attention to the Cardinals has mentioned that the biggest difference between Kliff at TTU and in Arizona is his willingness to lean on the running game
  2. Also to add to my last comment it was pretty evident towards the end of the game last week, someone got in Drake’s ear about prioritizing being a north-south runner and not side-to-side. Because the next drive they ran the ball 3 straight times to him from the 14-yard line for a touchdown. Also the Monday Night broadcast booth confirmed what we all thought and reported that coach Kingsbury stressed to him the need for him to run more the north-south more. And that is what he did today and it obviously paid dividends for us and the team.
  3. I don’t see this as a sell-high. Die-hard Cardinals fan checking in. Kliff already established last season that he wants to be run the ball often. Even without the garbage time run Drake had 95 yards on 19 carries (5 yards per carry). So I don’t see how his day was “salvaged” by a garbage time touchdown. He was also in on every goal line situation.
  4. I do agree about the bad passes but I am giving that a pass because he is playing with a completely new team and essentially learning on the fly. I've followed D-Lo for a while and honestly think he is an above-average passer despite being a high-usage player. I really do believe that D-Lo is what is best for this team right now. I've seen D-Lo look for Beasley often in his kickouts and off of screens. I also think that he, Towns and Beasley are the future (Beasley is a restricted FA and I don't see the Wolves letting him walk) and they will only get more comfortable with each other.
  5. I don't know what game you watched but in my opinion D-Lo was the main reason they were ahead by so much in the beginning and made it close at the end. He also had the highest +/- on the team with +12. The next highest was Jarrett Culver in 15 minutes with a +2.
  6. Missed a couple of gimme's at the rim. Should be good for at least 16 ppg and 2 threes. This new Wolves team is pretty exciting and they should get better as they get more comfortable with each other. Beasley, Juancho and Beasley are ideal fits with the system they want to run.
  7. Finally cut bait with him. Despite his scoring, it sucked to lose out on his other goodies that filled the box score. I remember being blindsided by him resting even without a back to back a few weeks ago. Might be more valuable to use his spot as a streaming spot so you can stack games rather than hoping you get 2 from him every week.
  8. I'm sure the guy who writes Favors' rotoworld blurbs will say to hold this guy lol
  9. Did Favors steal whoever writes the rotoworld blurbs’ girl or something? They hate on him every single time it’s sad lol
  10. People seriously complaining about 7 points 9 rebounds and 3 blocks in a limited 20 minutes? lmao
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