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  1. Stevie, you can always get me to laugh bud. 🤣
  2. Combo of events.. but yes. Lost my mascot. Lost my team name. And i get why, actually pretty well agree with it... but my granddad didn't work for the Cleveland Whatevers. He worked for the Indians. 🤷‍♂️ That and the entire way the covid thing was handled. While i can barely walk upstairs, my wife can barely get out of bed, and a mother in the hospital...i hit my limit with millionaires arguing with billionaires. Covid also ended my friend league of 11 years. Im also a fastpitch softball coach, have taken my club team to a top 500 national ranking, and am putting 100% into the college ranks. Fastpitch gets my love that baseball used to. Im all in. The new pro league Athletes Unlimited is awesome, and i watched it religiously. Ignited my passion for pro sports all over again. And since it's so new, and they make so little, it's all love on that field. Reminds me of the stories of the early days of baseball, when guys would write to stars and get autographs that they can't find when they get older. Topps put out an entire series for these ladies, and i bought a few. Pulled a Gold 1/1 card. I messaged the league, and sent it to her so she'd have her own gold card. She couldn't have been more awesome about it. Baseball just holds too much bitter irony for me right now. I will miss this crowd.
  3. Hey all, been awhile since i posted in here. This is my first year NOT playing fantasy baseball in almost 2 decades... and it's just not right if i don't come in here and drop a thank you. This forum has been part of half my life. Made a lot of internet friends in here, learned an absolute TON from too many geniuses to properly tag. Made a lot of memories playing. Ill forever remember The Kluber Mom Incident, epic. 🤣🤣 Mods, i know this post breaks the rules but at this point im asking for you to look the other way for a day for an old vet. If not, I'll get over it, but thank you wonderful people for running this zoo and keeping it great. This is the best forum online, been around forever, still trucking... and STILL the King of All Closer News. Love y'all, be good. Chief WahooManiac signing out, hat tip to all of ya. You're all damn fine folks
  4. I was going to say the same lol. Hell, they might find a real starter in this shakeup haha
  5. Tell me Angel Hernandez is one of the opt outs please
  6. He's such a brutal glove. He can want it all his heart desires, if they like winning he won't be in the field much.
  7. Ever been a new dad? You begin to realize you need to watch your promises, as it ain't all about you anymore. At the time im sure he felt that way. As you get closer to being a new dad, reality makes you question things you didn't before. I think we just saw him grow up a little on social media.
  8. Well, we also can go history angle and pick from: In no particular order as im going from memory, that could be slightly impaired currently Bluebirds/Blues Rustlers Perfectos Broncos Infants/Babes Wanderers Napoleon's/Naps Forest Citys Im sure i missed a few lol
  9. Sigh. I get it. But my username becomes less relevant by the day! I hope they don't pick something super safe and lame. Go back to the Spiders if you must change.
  10. I get the sentiment but national identification programs tracing your every move are scary for more reasons than disease shame. It's a hard subject.
  11. Id guess pen, as, if he was a starter, they'd just come out and say it. Vs some vague nothing answer that they gave
  12. You should. It's the number one indicator of success in hitting. There's more to it than long homeruns. It's means even his ground balls are crushed. It means every single batted ball event is significantly more likely to be a hit. If traditional stats are more your thing... well there's only so many guys who can legitimately bust the 1.000 OPS mark. In a full and healthy season he can even make up for the fantasy lack of steals. And in real life he's mvp candidate
  13. While i love me some Ted, I'm tired of the pure hero narrative the old guys get. Yes, all the above was true. He was also all about getting paid, on record saying the same stuff players say today. He was also a self admitted terrible father, and cut off half his family solely because the were Mexican. He's flawed like all of us. And Trout actually cares about defense. Easily the best ball player ive ever seen. And really it ain't that close
  14. It's sad that he's probably correct, actually. The few stories that come up of guys paying protection money are probably the tip of the iceberg.
  15. I get ya, but at this point 6 games is close enough. The juice isn't worth the stretch, friggin play ball.
  16. Ok. Now im pissed at everybody. Owners still have a lot to answer for, but im ok with the MLB Playa Haters Ball now as well.
  17. No one's forgetting it. We just actually understand what it means, and how normal business rules don't completely apply here. If the federal govt decided to threaten to review the monopoly provisions, we'd have a season yesterday. You love the guys with leverage, well the good ole American people have some. If they chose to use it. See, capitalism does come with rules. Even the great Adam Smith knew some were necessary. How you can criticize players for playing a childs game, while not criticizing the owners for owning a childs game? And who cares, children's games make money. It's a business product. Capitalism right?
  18. You can repeat this all you want, the only real risk they take is getting enough money to get in. So much risk, gates so important... yet the same teams never fill seats and the worst team in the league sells for a bagillion. Oh, the risk these heroes take on. 🙄
  19. Do all of you owner apologists work for a company that gets monopoly protection, and was the building you work in paid for by tax payers as well? Owners owe the American people a product. Maybe it's time the federal govt reminded them of that.
  20. The Reserve Clause called, they want you to call them back
  21. Im with this. Those offers were so obviously and absurdly the same thing with different words. Just a waste of very precious time to approach this situation like this. Owners were like, hey let's get em, we got the leverage! Gate costs, ya! When they should've been like hey, the entire damn sports world is watching dominoes championship reruns right now, let's carpe freakin diem! Every sports fan in the universe is watching our product!
  22. There was so much false narrative in those comments i didn't know where to begin 😂 Baseball isn't as dead as media would like us to believe. I coach youth, there's so many teams now we all complain about how watered down the high levels have become. It seems like there's a hundred new teams every year, and I'm in Michigan.
  23. All these mental gymnastics... why don't they just say what is painfully obvious, this is essentially the same net pay as any other offer? Just worded in yet a new way. It's been pretty obv for awhile net take home is basically the issue. Instead we get more spin. I don't think we get ball this year now.
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