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  1. It was a home run....... does your league count home runs, runs scored, and/or avg/obp/ops?
  2. lol.. I love the exact ops number from 2019, followed by “if I remember correctly.”
  3. maybe i've missed it, but when are we expecting dejong back? everything i've seen (or can find) simply states he won't return with the rest of the team.. is this code for he's having COVID complications/issues or is still testing positive? or is this strictly a procedural thing because of his positive testing and requires a separate timeline from those who were exposed but tested negative?
  4. in OBP leagues, as a CI he isn't killing you, because of his 18% bb rate (.410 OBP on the season), but: not a single barrel on the year, hard hit % down about 20% compared to career average, exit velocity down about 3-4 ticks compared to career average, and rocking an avg launch angle of -8.1 not what i was expecting/hoping for.
  5. care to elaborate on your response a little, because i'm not following the logic.. and your picture from a month ago had nothing to do with the question.
  6. this article/interview was over two months ago. what do you think should happen when additional information is learned through scientific studies? are you suggesting that we shouldn't listen to doctors/scientists when they learn new information? or maybe you're suggesting they shouldn't put out updated recommendations?
  7. @JE7HorseGod @Backdoor Slider @Dr. Whom thank you for the responses. horsegod, yeah, makes sense. slider, my personal expectation would be that until we have enough PPE for the public to participate in routine activities, we do not reopen/return to normal. for example, i cannot buy hydrogen peroxide, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer or face masks. if we return to normal operation, i am expected to return to work, and my employer has stated they cannot get any PPE... what do i do? until we can answer this question, i don't feel that we're adequately prepared for a return to norm
  8. serious question, not sarcasm. do these governors think that there will be a different result now than when they locked things down a few weeks ago? there are no vaccines, or any such mechanisms that i'm aware of, preventing the spread of the virus other than isolation/distancing. if we/they lower the restrictions now, aren't we just going to slip back into the likelihood of skyrocketing cases and the overloading of healthcare systems? what data exists that indicates the general public is now "safe."
  9. @hailtoyourvictor what "hazard pay" is this you speak of? my wife works for a hospital, along with several of our friends at other hospitals, and i've yet to hear anything about hazard pay, or anything related to pay versus number of COVID patients. is this something that your state does specifically? pretty sure it's not nationwide.
  10. seems like common sense, no? do we really need evidence to prove that sprinting and abruptly stopping on wet surfaces can cause injury?
  11. this thread is skyrocketing toward being locked down.. can we return to discussion about the event itself and take politics and finger-pointing discussion elsewhere?
  12. i believe the issue is that we (the U.S.) don't have enough test kits.. i agree with your stance. without testing, our numbers are skewed and not accurately portraying the situation. i wonder how many folks will self-quarantine, get better, and subsequently never receive a test.
  13. The Juiced Crew c - benito santiago 1b - mcguire 2b - knoblauch 3b - ken caminiti ss - arod mi - brian roberts? ci - rafael palmeiro of - melky cabrera, bonds, sosa, canseco, gary sheffield, braun dh - manny p - clemens, pettitte, kevin brown, bartolo colon, gagne, jennry meija i did most of this off memory, but didn't get very far with pitchers after clemens and pettitte, so i had to cheat and google it..
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