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  1. The Allen/Diggs stack single handedly won me my league. Incredible value. I remember telling a friend how I drafted Diggs over Gallup as my WR3 and he said how it was a mistake. I didn’t think he’d be this good but he was criminally undervalued.
  2. Good point. He’ll probably be overdrafted next year. Not bad when you’re able to get the No. 1 QB in the 8th/9th/10th/11th round.
  3. True but strategy paid off this year for many. I wanted to hammer WRs in the middle rounds and was able to get Ridley, Fuller, Diggs, Metcalf, etc, You need strategy to get there and some luck to finish it off. Lot of variables go into a player doing well.
  4. Anyone else get screwed by the blown fumble call in the Browns game that went down as an incomplete pass? It was a 9-point swing (sack, fumble plus return TD) that could have helped me win.
  5. not going to lie, I planned on benching him, then came here 15 minutes before kickoff and saw this. Decided to say F it. 🤝🤝
  6. Sigh. Who knew an injury to some guy named Nick Mullens would kill our Lord and Savior Aiyuk
  7. How has there literally been no updates or news about this? who’s to say Gaskin doesn’t get just a handful of touches and Ahmed gets 20+?
  8. how are these situations even remotely the same? Allen got hurt and was on a short week trying to play through a soft tissue injury. This was a broken bone in a foot that needed 4-6 weeks to heal. He’d be limited due to conditioning, not because his foot hurt. He wouldn’t be playing if his foot was still hurt
  9. Goodnight sweet prince. cheers to everyone who scrapped to the finals through all this bulls**t
  10. pretty spot on IMO. He returned his draft day value but considering others around him produced far better results, he wasn’t as valuable as we thought he could be.
  11. Lol at everyone on Twitter melting over him possibly playing. That they’re risking injury with him. I still don’t understand why this is a thing. If that’s the case literally half the NFL would be benching players this week for “meaningless games.”
  12. Lol. Train caught fire before it could even leave the station
  13. I love how pass heavy the Bills have become. Makes him an ultra safe floor play every single week. Add his rushing in and he can go boom like last night. How are we feeling going up against NE? Brown should be back to open up things even more. Only concern is number of plays since NE tries to play keep away and run the ball to limit TOP
  14. As expected, he busts. I still don’t know why they force feed Smith. Davis only had two targets tonight. can’t start him next week vs. a tough Washington D
  15. In theory this is a good spot in paper. Seattle has been better defending WRs of late but it’s still a decent matchup and Seattle should win, thus game script should benefit Terry. But, Washington is playing really good defense and Seattle isn’t letting Russ cook as much, so this could easily be a 17-13 snoozer. I’m just glad to have a QB who doesn’t want to check down every play
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