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  1. Keep an eye on Chark news, if he sounds fully good to go I think you have to roll with him. He’s been an absolute stud when healthy. If it doesn’t sounds too optimistic for Chark - I’d go McLaurin - really like his matchup this week. Woods will still get targets (I hope I’m probably playing him) so he’s not bad start either.
  2. Sanders is an auto-start at this point. He will get his (I'm playing against him, grrr). Mack has too good of a matchup to pass up, he should be top 10 RB play this week.
  3. Hmmm...we have some votes for everyone here...Woods is probably the safest over Gallup, especially now with Dak's shoulder...or I could go with the wild card Perriman??? It's so hard to go with unknown in Championship game...anyone else struggling with starting Perriman?
  4. Forbath, he’s on the best offense here playing the worst D. There should be plenty of opportunities for him to make kicks...and he looked great his first game with Cowboys. thanks for help on mine!
  5. I wouldn’t bench Sutton now...and I like Den for sure over those Defenses. thanks for help on mine!
  6. WR - Sutton & Perriman RB - Carson & Fournette TE - Higbee D - Sea (Barely edges Den IMO) Flex - Gurley Good Luck and thanks for help on mine!
  7. Full point PPR - please pick one WR to start in the championship game for me. Woods has been the best WR this season, but his matchup is tough. Gallup has been inconsistent but has good matchup. Perriman is the wild card here and could blow up. WHIR. Thanks! Woods @SF Gallup @PHI Perriman vs HOU
  8. I’d definitely go Mack based on potential for him also also the way Michael hasn’t been doing anything lately.
  9. Ok, sounds pretty convincing for me to sit Freeman against SF. Thanks guys
  10. SF vs Atl Buff at Pitt Sea at Car I have 49ers in there now but they’ve not been playing that great lately and are banged up too. Which D would you start? Thanks!
  11. Full point PPR league, need to pick 2 of these 3. Thanks for your help! Freeman at SF Mack at NO Gallup vs Rams
  12. which one to start? Thanks 49ers @NO (started them all year but don't like matchup) Phi vs NYG (vs Eli) GB vs Wash (vs Haskins) Ten @Oak
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