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  1. His brothers both play football. Amon-Ra plays for USC and Osiris played for Sanford. The names are second to none.
  2. Odell is a loser. He hasn't even and 82 yards receiving in a game this season. If you took away his two touchdown receiving and his rushing touchdown he had a terrible game.
  3. Patricia sucks as a coach but they went on the road as a 6 point dog and got the win. The backfield touches vs Arizona was 23 to 4 to 1. That’s not a RBBC. AP is a workhorse right now. I own Swift and am holding until a least a few weeks after the bye. Detroit was able to win the TOP last game 33 to 27 and was plus three in turnovers. I’m most concerned that Detroit actually won and the game plan worked. Pounding it with AP wasn’t the sole reason they won but it certainly helped. Makes me think those will be the game plan going forward.
  4. Kerryon Johnson is the first to come to my mind. He is/will be third in line for touches in a messy backfield.
  5. Everyone knows when it’s 4th and inches with the game on the line you have to pound the ball with Alex Armah. Can’t blame Rhule for that.
  6. FWIW he’s a drop for me in a 10 team league. After today I think he’s the 3rd back to own. AP looked surprisingly good and I think Swift will continue to see an increasing in touches. No way to trust Kerryon without an injury that gives way to more touches for him.
  7. Brutal drop at the end of the game cost the Lions the win. I think the Lions backfield will soon be AP and Swift getting most of the work with Kerryon losing more touches each week. AP looked good but I think Swift is clearly the Lions back to own. His touches should be increasing every week but AP isn’t going anywhere after today.
  8. I like Hockenson better than Gesicki this week. Kenny G being banged up could get him a few extra targets. I wouldn't start two TEs over any of those other players.
  9. I’d roll with Edwards. At the price of dropping Williams I think he’s with the risk. Targets are available for the Raiders. I like Edwards upside better then Williams.
  10. Have no issue with playing two players from the same backfield if they both can produce. No reason to think Hunt and Chubb both put up numbers. If Hunt is your best option to start I wouldn’t worry about him and Chubb being on the same team.
  11. I would drop Miller for Edwards. I like Robby Anderson a little better than Miller so I would hang onto him. I like the upside of Edwards over both of those receivers and think he is worth the add.
  12. 2 for 1 trades with the owner getting the 2 lesser players pretty much always favor the 1 player. Adding free agents is a big part of winning in fantasy football. Stick with what you've got, add some good FAs when the opportunity presents itself and I think you will be alright.
  13. I would rank them Taylor Howard Lindsay Scott I'd move Scott up to 2nd if it comes out that Sanders will be on limited snaps. If Sanders is full go I don't think you can play Scott. The reports about Mack and Taylor in Indy are concerning for week one but I still like Taylor over those other options given the match up.
  14. With no trades I would just try to draft a balanced roster as far as even with WRs and RBs. Assuming you can still add drop players nothing else would change draft strategy wise. QBs are rarely traded for anything of value.
  15. I agree with Fuller and Sanders. I am waiting and seeing with Fornette. I like him as the season goes on but have no idea what to expect week one.
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