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  1. It makes you really wonder if the vaccine had something to do with both Corbin and Strasburg.
  2. I own Hiura and am trying to trade him. I am concerned about the contact rate. So I don’t know if acquiring him for 1B is a solution. Grandal at C can prob net you a solid return greater than Hiura, IMO. I am fine with you adding Mercedes if you ultimately want to move Grandal, just think you could do better than Hiura.
  3. 10 Team QS League (Keeper) Pick your top 3 adds: Mahle Eduardo Rodriguez Heaney Urquidy Boyd Ynoa
  4. The Angels have had a couple calls not go their way on the base paths....thinking back to the TOR series where the umps did not call obstruction on a “slide” into 2nd base
  5. India is scorching hot, i cant recommend him as a drop. drop skuball
  6. But India isn’t hurt so how does it help your injury situation by dropping a healthy player?
  7. Weekly OBP League Add India (2B/3B) or Hampson (2B/SS/OF)
  8. Didn’t realize it was LAD next week, I had LAA on the brain
  9. Angels Stadium plays well for Left Handed Power Hitters
  10. He’s the angels 1B of the future, but his versatility will allow the angels to keep his bat in the lineup more days than not. Exciting stuff
  11. Went 1/5 last night but 2 or maybe even 3 of his outs were rocket shots right at infielders
  12. Yesterday i checked and this upcoming Monday allowed for lineups to be adjusted, every other day was locked. However, looking at it today, every day in this “week” 1 allow me to make an adjustment
  13. Yeah I would assume that too, but just for an example, when i go to Monday on the schedule, i can currently adjust my roster, whereas any other day during “week 1” i cannot (daily lineup is locked in other words)
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