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  1. Trying to pick up some position in saves, ERA, and WHIP. Recently picked up Hand. A couple of others available in the FA market are: Yates, Betances, Trivino, Ottavino, and Will Smith. Who in the list will help me the most? Hand or one of the Free Agents.
  2. I am currently in second place in my 12 team roto. I have dropped a couple of points lately and was wondering if I should hold on to Newcomb in hopes that he regains his early season form or drop him for a hot arm? A few of the pitchers currently on the waiver wire are: Kenta Maeda, Zach Eflin, Kyle Freeland, Junior Guerra, Shane Bieber, Tyler Anderson, Nathan Eovaldi, and Jordan Zimmermann. My gut says drop Newcomb and pick up Anderson, but I am a little tentative with Anderson pitching half of his games at Coors Field. What say the experts? Also, is there any
  3. I agree! Keep Acuna and Soto. Both will have their rookie ups and downs, but overall will out perform Pham, Lowrie, or Castellanos.
  4. Looking at picking up Tucker. Meadows has not been producing like he did when he first came up. Should I drop Meadows for Tucker? I also thought about Perez. One Catcher league, but with his history, he could be turn things around in the second half. Anyone else on my roster that might could be my drop?
  5. I am currently 3 points behind the first place team in my league. While he and I are relatively close in most of the categories, he is way ahead of me in saves. Since it looks like Dyson is going to be the closer for the Giants until Strickland comes back, should I pick him up to try and maximize my save chances? If so, who would be my drop? I think Ohtani is most likely done for the season, but I am not sure I want to cut him loose until it is made official. Even as a hitter only, he is still valuable. While Ottavino doesn't get many saves, his strikeouts and ratios are out
  6. Wanting to get opinions on this trade. I need more saves and steals. I would send J.T. Realmuto and Miles Mikolas I would get Lorenzo Cain and Brad Boxberger He has an abundance of relievers and only a few starters and his catcher is Devin Mesoraco. Is this a fair trade?
  7. Looking for some help with steals. Looking to make deal with Inciarte owner. Is Haniger for Inciarte straight up a good deal? Thanks!!
  8. I would go with Soroka. He does not pitch like a traditional rookie. His stuff can be electric. He will have his ups and downs this year, but I think overall his numbers will be much better than Pomeranz.
  9. Is Domingo German worth an add?
  10. I also dropped Bautista to pick up Thames. Now I am stashing Thames in my DL spot and looking at possibility of dropping Harrison for some immediate help. Not a lot of good position players available on waiver wire, so I was also looking at maybe picking up a relief arm to help with saves and/or ratios. Because of the issues I had early on with my starters, I am at the bottom in ERA and near the bottom in WHIP. As for my position players, I am near the bottom in steals. Overall, I am currently in third. Very tight top 5 in my league right now. Thanks for the help.
  11. My bad, I forgot to change my signature. I dropped Pivetta a few days ago. Thanks for the help.
  12. Needing help with pitching staff. Currently available: Bettis, Buehler, Clevinger, Skaggs, Ross, Darvish, Mikolas, Newcomb With Kingham going back down to Triple A, should I make a move and pick one of the above up or hold onto to him and wait for him to come back up? Also, are there any other changes that I should make to my pitching staff in hope to try and right the ship? Thanks,
  13. Currently have Josh Harrison in my DL spot, hoping that he can provide me some much needed help in steals. Thames was recently placed on waivers. Wondering if I would be better stashing Thames and using him for power numbers? If I go after Thames, who would be my drop. Unfortunately, cannot just swap DL player for DL player. That would be too easy. LOL!! Thanks!!
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