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  1. Looking for 1 more owner to then allow you to select your 8 keepers from a great pool of players. The other 3 managers are locked in - send me an in box or email if you want to join a fun and competitive league!
  2. Looking for 1 owner - you will be able to start with a very strong team as you pick 8 keepers plus 1 rookie from the pool of players listed above. email or IM me if interested or if you have any questions or want more information.
  3. Filled 1 of the 2 openings - one opening left. email me or IM me...
  4. If interested PM me or email me supsto99@yahoo.com
  5. This is a 14 team Yahoo Keeper League that has been running for 17 years. This year we need to find 2 new managers (we need 4 managers - and we have already found 2 managers). The 4 managers left due to health issues and life changes. This is a FREE league where you keep 8 players and one prospect every year for as long as you like. This is a points based league where the top 6 teams based on points make the playoffs in September. The new managers coming in will have a mini draft from the rosters of the 4 teams where we need replacements. The list of players available will allow you to b
  6. In a keeper league where I am in a complete rebuild and will not compete for a few years. Another owner offered me Senzel, Puk and Hoerner for my Altuve and Dustin May. As Altuve will be 30 next year I accepted the trade to get value for him while I still am able (Altuve is better right now but Senzel is a solid asset for years to come). I see Puk and May in the same category, and have heard many great things about Hoerner. Is this a fair trade and which side would you prefer (short term and long term). Issue is that the trade was vetoed - and wanted others perspectives. Than
  7. Need an owner for the team Acuna I Trust... lots of strong players...
  8. Team #2 (Heat75) is taken. Team #1 (In Acuna I Trust) is still available.
  9. In the 9th season of a 12 team 20 player Keeper league. In addition you will have a 10 player minor league team with a minor league draft. The league has not drafted for this year, so you will need to select your 20 keepers prior to the draft. The current minor league team is 15 players, and we are reducing this to 10 players this year. You will need to pick 10 players from the 15 players currently on the teams minor league systems. The teams have some very good building blocks - let me know if interested in either team and will then send you the minor league team associated with each tea
  10. Interested but looks like you posted the Marlins team twice. Please post the Red Sox team as well. How do we see the minor league teams? Thanks
  11. Interested in joining. Have been playing fantasy baseball for 15 years. Not able to view the team via the links as it shows private. My email is supsto99@yahoo.com
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