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  1. Nice comps with Gay and Batum. Gay has had Conley (I like him alot), and Batum now with Lillard (gotta be better than Felton, no?), but how does George really break out with George Hill running the point? I think George needs that change of scenery, or morseso Granger to go away. I think his talent is maximized in that current situation.
  2. Yeah maybe not the best comparison, as George is far more capable with the ball in his hands. Reminds me of him though for whatever reason. George needs Granger out of the way, and the benefit of playing with better PG's than the likes of George Hill, DJ Augustin, Darren Collison etc
  3. Nope. Maybe I should have said "scorer" instead of "shooter", because clearly you define a shooter as solely a 3 point shooter. I don't. Back to George, I'm hot and cold with him. Just don't know what his role will be, and where he fits longterm. Reminds me body/skill set somewhat of Eddie Griffin when he came out of Seton Hall.
  4. Not a good enough shooter yet. Kind of a 2/3 tweener. Alot to like. Maybe moreso on the defensive cats.
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