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  1. Thanks for mine....Abdullah has been cutting into Riddick's RB catches lately and is playing on a fast track in Detroit. The Panthers D is tough. Tough one. He'll probably bite you in the a**, but I would go with Abdullah by a hair. I predict a stat line of 4/54 with no TDs for Cooper. Abdullah, probably 14 for 52 on the ground, 2 catches for 21 yards. Neither will win your week for ya.
  2. Thanks....my gut says to roll with Amari (no Alabama pun intended). I don't start guys based on my fav teams, but on trends and production. Bottom line is Amari is in there, unless I am convinced to go otherwise by folks on this board. My other dilemma is that I am facing bye woes. I have Rawls in my flex and am having to start L. Murray at RB. It's pretty much a lost week anyway....but, it ain't over 'til it's over
  3. As a Raider fan, I am disgusted to even be asking this question, but Coop has the yips and a backup QB at the helm against a tough D. JuJu has TD's in his last two games, and Ben plays far better at home. I am also a Rams fan, but I can't get with Kupp vs. Seattle (even if he may be the main target in the slot, Goff will have very little time to throw). Season rapidly going down the tank, there is nobody worth a damn on waivers in this league, and I am got off to a rough start this week with a sub par Brady performance. Amari owners, what are ya'll doing? What should I do??
  4. Thanks for mine....I think you are good with Mariota and that your squad is solid. Depending on where bye weeks fall, you may want to consider dropping one of your TEs for Flacco. Baltimore does not have a running game, and are going to need to throw the ball. Both of your TE's are hit or miss, but I might drop Engram only because Ebron is one of Detroit's best weapons IF healthy. Your WR corps is rock solid. You may want to try to move Watkins if he has a good game. vs. Indy (which he very well might) for either a TE like Ertz OR another running back to fall in behind your two two guys (
  5. QB: Rodgers, Stafford RB: D. Johnson, Hunt, Kelley, Sproles, Doug Martin WR: Cooks, K. Allen, Hogan, Cobb, Maclin TE: Fleener Streaming K and DEF So, owners are obviously going to be trying to get Hunt at this point. I would like to get a Stud WR, but, if I trade Hunt, my RBs are weak after DJ. What type of return do you think I could get for Hunt + Cooks. One team has Shady and Dez, another has Julio and McCaffrey, and finally Michael Thomas and Jordan Howard. NOT an active trade league, but do you think I should offer Hunt and Cooks for any of those three com
  6. Thanks for mine....I have sent the offer, asking for Bilal Powell along with AJ Green. If he balks, he'll send a counter. As for your team, tough in a 14 team league. You need to upgrade your RBs. Though I wouldn't necessarily target a stud, you may be able to move T. Hill based on last year's performance for someone like Rob Kelley or Frank Gore. Big Ben will perform better than expectations. You got to get somebody that can give you a couple of rushing TDs. Jeremy Hill could probably be had pretty inexpensively too. Also, depending on waivers, I wouldn't be hesitant to trade Kelce for
  7. Thanks for mine....not really familiar with Auction leagues, but my rudimentary first impression would be to keep Bell and Jordy. If not Dalton, you can get a QB near his caliber at a reasonable price.
  8. The other owner wants Cooks, which is fine by me since I have Hogan. The Pats are extremely frustrating from a fantasy standpoint. Having two WRs on that team would be tough.
  9. Thanks all....seems the consensus is that I should make the deal. My concern is that the owner I am dealing with is about the only other owner in this league that is an active trader. Trying to move Cooks for a RB would be tough, and I am not even sure who I would target. They say the timetable for Ware is anywhere from 2-8 weeks. It could be that he comes back for the 2nd or 3rd regular season game. Unless Hunt knocks it out of the park, I think the job may go back to Ware. I would love to have a true #1 WR, but this would make my RB 2 awfully vulnerable. Tough one.
  10. My roster, 12 team, PPR league: QB: Rodgers/Stafford RB: D. Johnson, S. Perrine, D. Martin, R. Kelley, K. Hunt WR: Cooks, K. Allen, Maclin, Cobb, Hogan TE: Fleener Streaming DEF and K This would give me a legit #1 WR to go with Allen. My WR corps is a bit weak because I drafted 1st overall. I am hesitant to give up Hunt, and tried to offer Kelley instead, but the other owner wouldn't bite. Thoughts? WHIR PS - Waiver wire at RB includes Sproles, Forte, Kamara, C. Sims, M. Mack, Carson WHIR
  11. Thanks Rizzle....that is the way I was leaning. There are a lot of rookie TEs that could possibly be values this year, but better to have a TE that has Drew Brees as his QB than....whomever in Cleveland. I dropped Njoku and picked up Fleener. I also took a flier on Chris Carson and dropped Perrine. I have the very last waiver slot, so if (and it's a big if) Carson somehow breaks through, I want to have him before he can reach waivers. Lacy sucks, and Rawls has some injury issues. Prosise is a 3rd down back, so....who knows. Worth a flier, I guess. Thanks for your input ~~ much apprecia
  12. I am a Rams fan, and it appears as though their O Line still stinks. I would do the deal, as much as I hate advocating trading away Gurley. Despite his recent success, I never totally trust Seattle receivers (I see Richardson, Graham and Lockett being a bit more involved this year). Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/660787-te-dilemmawhir/
  13. So, I drafted 1st in our 12 team PPR league and think I did alright. I know I am a bit weak at WR and RB2, but I basically ignored TE until all the decent ones were gone. Here is my lineup as it stands, though I have already been doing a lot of add/drops: QB: Rodgers, Stafford RB: DJ, M. Ingram, R. Kelley (and Perrine), Doug Martin (waivers Sproles, J. Charles, Gio, Smallwood and a bunch of rookie fliers like C. Carson) WR: Cooks, K. Allen, Maclin, Cobb, Ginn Jr. (available on waivers are Gabriel, Beasley, Lockett, Zay Jones, etc.) TE: Njoku (available on waivers are
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