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  1. Wouldn't that be the other way around? Cron against left handers and Bird against right?
  2. The Royals aren't going anywhere this year anyways, might as well just stick Mondesi at 1 or 2 and see what happens. Obvious if he's hitting terrible and it his confidence is struggling because of that they might drop him down. But I wouldn't be too worried about them moving him down in the order.
  3. Villar to the Mets, making an already murky situation even worse. Smith, Davis, and McNeil all lose some at bats?
  4. Awe poor Tyreek can't take a little taunting.
  5. They might want to take Mahomes out for his own health.
  6. A soft hold call??? LOL...He horse collar tackled him to the ground
  7. "Roughing the passer"...touch football out here
  8. Shouldn't have that been blown dead for "in the grasp"? You want to protect QBs but then you let that play go on, the Bucs guys could have slammed Mahomes to the ground.
  9. Honey Badger out of position, slow..good to see.
  10. Evans scores a TD if the Chiefs' DB doesnt trip him. He was beat by a step.
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