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  1. Dumbass tacked a full run onto my team's ERA...POS.
  2. Corbin is just pure garbage...what happened to him?
  3. Oh come on...just stuck his bat out and got a hit against Corbin..
  4. I thought Naylor would be OK, and I know it's only been two weeks, but he's been awful too
  5. I understand trading Lindor. But couldn't they resign Carlos Santana? Maybe pick up someone like Duval for one spot in the OF?
  6. The Indians are just an awful hitting team. They should really trade Ramirez for a haul of prospects. They have maybe 3 or 4 actual major league hitters.
  7. Damn, thought Keller might be decent this year. At least I had him benched today
  8. Depending on how much they use their bullpen today, I wouldn't be surprised to see them IL him for a pitcher. They currently are listing tomorrow's starting pitcher as TBD. If they use up their pen today, I expect that move. He could be back dated to Sunday or Monday, so he'd only would miss 6 or 7 days.
  9. Yeah, I would figure that win would go to Victor Gonzalez.
  10. 4.15 ERA with a 1.8 WHIP against a bad Rockies team is solid?
  11. Guessing they don't go to Ciserno anytime soon
  12. Umpire got caught up in the moment, run Chang up on a ball 3 inches inside
  13. This Dodgers lineup is relentless, even without Bellinger. Gray at 36 pitches after 1.
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