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  1. Keep Vaughn. And drop someone from you're very bottom 2 rows of players instead.
  2. Keep citi field on ya team. Next counter offer & move windy city for only either dirty south or maple leaf.
  3. Hang onto you're players. Next counter offer & move some mt for the Soto side.
  4. Dump all 3 of them & get ya self more offensive players.
  5. Edmonds for sure. Avoid Conner he's always been made of glass. And will be on season ending IR between weeks 3 - 4
  6. Keep the buckeye state. And then drop a mt for the gopher state.
  7. Get Franmil & win you're league ASAP!!!!!!!!
  8. DEAR GOD YES spend whatever it takes to get pinstripes onto you're team.
  9. Keep Lux. Next move windy city & two other players who play the same spot as him on the field. And then go get the dirty south side.
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