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  1. Rutchsman & Carlson easily. Next drop those other two and get two more offensive players. And then keep that 4 set of power.
  2. Pinstripes, Halo, SOCAL, Cheese steaks are you're 4 locks! Next toss back Hollywood & keep the arch in that spot.
  3. Get beantown ASAP!!!!!! & Win you're league!!!!!! Move SOCAL
  4. Keep both windy city & lone star state. Next drop SOCAL for another offensive player. Lastly come up with a new deal for only maple leaf move a mt for him.
  5. West coast & drop those other two for more offensive players, and then pick one of those bats for the last keeper spot.
  6. Keep the gopher state he will likely get called up when Minny makes that move much later in the season.
  7. Dear god NO keep you're two RB's. Barkley is made of glass
  8. Keep the crown & Hollywood on ya team where they belong!
  9. You better draft the big guava earlier than that, he won't be at the end of the draft.
  10. Keep you're 3 players. Next counter offer & move a mt straight up for windy city.
  11. Freeman, Hiura , Lindor, Harper, Grisham , Kelenic go with those 6 and then move some players from the very bottom list for 2 offensive players for you're last keeper picks. Then when you're done with that, move the rest of those very bottom list players and get more offense. That's what wins championships.
  12. Keep the big guava. Next counter offer & move some mt for beantown & maple leaf in a new deal.
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