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  1. I definitely wouldn't drop Mahle just yet. Provided a little write-up in the WW thread but I think he has a shot at providing some value this season. I think Jones is the drop if you're willing to risk Conforto coming back from his concussion and not performing (He's eligible to return today, but I haven't seen any indication that he's starting tonight). Depending on who is on your WW, I might focus on getting a hitter as insurance, although Heaney/Nelson are attractive stashes. I also own Stanton and have zero confidence that we'll see him anytime soon.
  2. This is close, but as others have mentioned, based on your current needs I'd stick with Paddack. I think that both players have been overachieving, but I believe that Paddack will have a less severe regression. 2.75-3.00 ERA with potential to push into sub 2.50 territory and a plus K/9 pitching in a top 10 pitcher's park. Dude is #14 ranked SP by SIERA. ZiPS has Devers pegged as a .270ish hitter with ~25-30 HRs a year through his early 20s. Definitely a great stat line, but with the uptick in HR across the league I don't think 25 HRs is as valuable as it used to be. He's stolen 6 SB this season, but his past seasons make this look like an outlier. If you're left with 25 HR, 85-90 R/RBI, and a .270 average, with an admitted potential to push beyond this with adjustments, I still have to go with the SP.
  3. Tyler Mahle. Owned in 19% of Yahoo leagues. 3.51 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, and 9.47 K/9. It's still early, but his xFIP of 3.27 is encouraging. He's also only 24. Decent company for this young season.
  4. I benched Ramirez for the first time today but why Lindor? Over the last 10 games he has a .300/.383/.600 slash line.
  5. 46.9% HR/FB. I'm hoping the regression isn't too painful but this has been a fun ride so far!
  6. Also agree on Ramirez/Bregman, regardless of your pitching situation.
  7. We can keep 4 keepers with no penalties, 1 must be a rookie that season. There's no way for me to keep Acuna and Tucker, unless I'm willing to drop Stanton or Nola back into the draft. My RP has been decimated since I owned Hererra and Strickland. I hate the idea of trading for RP, but I've put out some feelers for both closing help and SPs. What type of value should I be looking to get back in return? He hasn't gone off yet, but I think it's coming and he's flown up the prospect rankings and most seem to put him @ top 3 value.
  8. Can't watch the BAL/MIN game due to blackout - anyone got insight on Gibson's performance this afternoon? He's been a rough own lately and I'm trying to hold but looking for an excuse to not drop him for LeBlanc (ugh).
  9. Pollock is definitely legit. I don't place a ton of value on Ohtani just due to the limited ABs that he'll receive. I own Moustakas and obviously he's been fantastic this year. His ADP was around 90 compared to Bryant's ~15 largely due to folks thinking that 2017 was a fluke, but so far he's been proving his critics wrong. Having said that, Bryant is obviously the more talented player, and is more likely to continue to produce elite #s for the rest of the season and beyond. The jump from Mozara to Pollock isn't enough to offset the potential downgrade from Bryant to Moustakas. It's close, and I wouldn't laugh at you for making this trade, but I'd hold tight or maybe see if he can throw in someone besides Ohtani.
  10. I'd say Soler right now, but I think Conforto has the highest ceiling of all 4 so if he shows signs of returning to form I'd be very quick to pick him up.
  11. Easy trade for you. To echo everyone else - Freeman is a fantasy beast. Losing Syyndergaard hurts but Ohtani is a fantastic replacement plus it's downright FUN to watch him pitch (Reminds me of watching every single Fernandez start once he made the jump from single A to the bigs).
  12. The only way this works out in your favor is if Carlos actually ends up missing a significant amount of time. If he comes back healthy and to form then you lose this easily. Reports have him missing 1 start. It's impossible to know how things will end up, so if you're very risk averse you could pull the trigger, but a healthy Martinez is one of the top SP in the NL and that's worth more than some .AVG/SB in my opinion.
  13. I'd say Middleton, with Vizcaino right behind him. As a Cards fan, this entire Bud Norris thing has been very confusing. After years of relative mediocrity (Except when he faced us while on the Astros. Then he'd dominate) he's converted into a reliever and becomes a dominant closer? Not saying it doesn't happen, and I own Tyler Clippard so I should probably keep my mouth shut, but with Holland (And as a dark horse, Reyes if they decide to not put him in the rotation, although all reports are that they will) right behind him I just don't see him finishing the year as the closer. And FWIW - Middleton and Vizcaino have better career K/9 than Norris, although the latter's use as a SP for years drives his numbers down a bit. Vizcaino is on a surging Braves team, so I'd expect a good number of opportunities to come his way as well.
  14. Rizzo and don't look back. Haniger might be pulling a Jose Bautista and (relatively) overnight becoming a super star, but Rizzo is a proven commodity in a stacked line-up and his slow start looks to be largely due to bad luck. I wouldn't think twice about pulling the trigger on this one.
  15. Agreed. Here is a nice write-up on his early success this season. Obviously, this depends on whether or not he comes back healthy from the elbow impingement that landed him on the 10 day DL, but reports are that he's only missing a start and it's not considered to be serious. Mikolas isn't going to ever get you a ton of K's, and his peripherals suggest that he is over-achieving with his ~2.50 ERA. You also need to consider that a fully healthy rotation includes a lot of competition for starting spots (Martinez, Wainwright, Flaherty, Weaver, Reyes (Who is being reported as a candidate for the rotation), Wacha). I know that they aren't sexy (And I also realize I'm pimping two guys that I happen to own), but I'd take Ross and Cahill over Miles. I'd also probably take Romero, Skaggs, Fulmer, and maybe Teheran (Although I expect regression from him).
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