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  1. He obviously hasn’t had the results he had in A+ and AA, but Luzardo hasn’t pitched as poorly as his numbers seem to indicate. He’s still got a 10.1 K/9 and 3.94 BB/9 (up from before, but not terrible), but he’s been done in by a .469 BABIP and a 66.2% LOB%. So, yes, he hasn’t pitched as well in AAA and is likely tiring a bit, there’s still a lot of to love here. I believe there’s still a chance he sees Oakland this year, but that likely depends on the results of his final outing or two. And even if promoted, expectations should be tempered, as he’s likely to only pitch in relief, and probably won’t throw too many innings.
  2. Sounds like a potential injury to index finger, but details aren't clear, or confirmed. Actually, looks like it has been confirmed: @RedsPR: Louisville's Nick Senzel left tonight's game with an injury to his right index finger. He will be examined again tomorrow.
  3. Soto has homered again today (11th of season).
  4. @jwagnerblade: #Reds top prospect Nick Senzel may have injured himself diving for a ground ball. He is leaving @louisville's game against @MudHens after rolling on his wrist. @jwagnerblade: Senzel dove for ball in @LouisvilleBats game ... seemed to roll awkwardly on his left (glove) wrist. Rolled in pain almost immediately. @JeffSvoboda: #Reds top prospect Nick Senzel leaving the game in Toledo. Dove for a ball at second base and landed awkwardly. Appeared to be his shoulder. He walked off the field immediately after getting up.
  5. I believe Darvish better moving forward than Gray (nice pitcher, but Coors Field). Lynn is good but doesn't move the needle a ton for me. Limet is injured (not sure it makes any sense to pay full price for him with his status up in air.) Like both Kieboom and Burnes much more than Romero. Think you'd be parting with best current player in deal (Darvish), and the two best prospects (Kieboom/Burnes). If Lamet were healthy, than *MAYBE* you could make an argument for this deal...But as of now, I don't care for it. ETA: And additionally, you lose a roster spot (I'd assume). considering you're receiving four players for three. I don't know your league settings but I'm guessing you'd also have to drop another player to stay at roster limit.
  6. Anyone have any info (aside from Otani) on players expected to be posted in offseason?
  7. Any updates on potential posting of Japanese players (to play in MLB in 2018)?
  8. For those keeping an eye on the Padres' situation if Hand is dealt, here are some interesting comments regarding Yates/Maton from SD manager Andy Green (regarding Saturday's save attempt for Yates): It might turn out differently next time Hand isn’t available – for whatever reason. “Honestly the way the game played out kind of dictated the decision-making,” Green said. “We got in such a dicey situation in the ninth and Phil was the only guy out of those two that was going to be good with going one-plus with Yates having thrown (Friday). At that point in time, that out in the seventh becomes more important than who's throwing in the ninth. If it had been a toss-up, I honestly might have gone the other way just as easily – not because I don't have confidence in Kirby, but because I have just as much in Phil. That could have gone the other way.”
  9. One thing that will probably be under the radar with Hiura: He has a bit more power than it will appear to those only looking at stats. Hiura hit a total of 22 HR (7, 7 and 8) at UC Irvine. Doesn't seem like a huge total, but Irvine is a spacious ballpark and HR aren't terribly common there. The team hit a total of 72 HR during Hiura's time there. In other words, during his time at Irvine, Hiurs hit a little over 30% of his team's HR. Granted, he's never likely to be more than a 15-20 HR type guy, but combine that power with a legit hit tool, and you could be looking at an annual .290/.300 w/ 20 HR in his prime. He's a pretty exciting fantasy prospect.
  10. @stephenjnesbitt: Jameson Taillon will return to the starting rotation early next week, Clint Hurdle said. No word yet on who he will replace.
  11. This is especially the case with right-handed pitchers.
  12. ...And what appears to be confirmation from Astros' beat writer: @jakemkaplan: Can confirm @1250SportsTalk report that A.J. Reed has been called up to the Astros. Team has no comment. Take this info for whatever it's worth.
  13. According to the Twitterz, AJ Reed has been called up: @1250SportsTalk: Former UK Baseball star, AJ Reed got called up to the Astros tonight and will be on the roster for tomorrow's game in Kansas City at 7:15.
  14. Haven't seen official confirmation yet, but rumor is Reed has been promoted to AA. Going to be interesting to see how he performs outside of Cal League. If he performs well in Texas League in second half, I believe the skeptics will be silenced.
  15. Word on the street is that De Leon had been promoted to AA Tulsa (Julio Urias currently in that rotation too). Haven't seen official confirmation yet, but the source is pretty reliable.
  16. Because baseball "potential" is about more than just being able to hit the ball over a fence.
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