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  1. There is really no other player in the NBA, drafted as high as Porter, who has showed the ability of Porter, who gets as few minutes as Porter, especially when you factor in the depth of this team.
  2. Most likely a week? I would bet a good chunk of change on the over. He is a young kid they just invested a ton in. This is now a 2nd severely sprained ankle in a couple of weeks. So even if it isn't as bad as some are suggesting (and you never really know with ankle injuries) there is no chance they rush him back in 7 days. They will play it far more cautious the second time around.
  3. Pretty sure the C stand for the Couch in his home.
  4. Malone's problem is typical of modern coaching where they need to prove its about them and not the players. So instead of just playing his second best player 36 minutes, he tries to be cute with his rotation so it looks like the wins are a product of his genius plan at work.
  5. I tend to agree. I've owned him in a keeper/dynasty league since he was a rookie and he was durable as they come his first 3/4 years. But he has clearly turned into Joel Embiid. This is now the third time in the last year+ that he will miss extended time and when he comes back his team may be towards the bottom of the pack in the west and making more excuses to rest him in another lost season.
  6. If the only thing standing between him and fantasy relevancy is a Blake Griffin injury.......
  7. From last year alone Morant and Zion (when healthy) were legit contributors in 12 team leagues. Not sure why you think Rookies don't contribute in 12 team leagues especially since we are talking about a late round flier. If someone, anyone, came in here and said they were taking him in the mid-rounds I would say they are nuts,but even OP was being killed for saying he wanted him over guys like Shake Milton. Sorry but it's very reasonable to project Deni over Shake Milton. Doesn't mean it will happen, but in a fast past Westbrook/Beal offense if he can shoot well and run the floor he will be a
  8. There have been enough injuries this season to not assume everyone in the playoffs has better options than Washington.
  9. He played 30 plus minutes 9 times last year. In those games he scored, 20, 37, 30, 27, 23, 13, 28,15 and 15 for an average of 23ppg. Granted, in some of those games there was no Murray, but Murray himself is a bit of an inconsistent player who has only averaged 18ppg a year the last 2 years so it's not like he is playing alongside a blackhole like Westbrook. I am not suggesting he will average 23ppg if he gets 30mpg but that is certainly in the realm of possibility for a player of his ability. To me the only question is whether we can trust Malone to consistently give him 30mpg. I could e
  10. Back in June there was talk of him being ready to play. So it's pretty safe to assume he's completely recovered and has something to prove on a 1 year deal. So I wouldn't rule out a bigger role. Of course, minutes restrictions, not being the same player after multiple injuries and the potential for a fragile player to get injured again are real concerns.
  11. Exactly. Moving the games was never intended to give good players more time to clear protocol. It was always to insure that the effected team is no longer spreading the virus and thereby endangering the opposing team (and I guess their own team as well). The league is probably furious with the Ravens right now and not likely looking to do them any favors.. like waiting until Lamar is cleared.
  12. Pretty sure players on the IR do not appear on weekly Injury Reports. Once he is activated then they will need to indicate practice participation/game status.
  13. They do not test day of game (at least that's been the policy thus far. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29819479/nfl-test-daily-season-game-day
  14. Yeah, I re-watched the highlights of the game and he was limping all over the field all game. He is only playing because Godwin/Howard are out imo. With that said, he was still a beast on one leg last game and the Bucs/Brady REALLY need him to gut it out. Maybe with a few days off, some treatment and an "injection" he could be fine. It's definitely a gamble. I will also say, that given the state of the NFL, it's also a benefit to know this game is being played versus holding him out and finding out Tomorrow that your replacement WR's game is now in doubt due to covid and you are force
  15. They are doing what they did last week. Waiting on testing. The Titans are anomaly and should be fined/lose draft picks. No other team has had this problem. At least not yet.
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