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  1. Brantley's first four years against LHP: Season PA AVG OBP OPS wRC+ 2009 31 .462 .533 1.072 195 2010 70 .172 .217 .467 26 2011 158 .214 .282 .525 51 2012 202 .265 .327 .680 89 Let's give Winker a little time.
  2. Not anymore. I was toying with the idea of keeping him, but HATE him in Oakland.
  3. If this is redraft, I'd do trade 3. In a 10 team league you should be able to find an OF to help replace Mookie. In a keeper, I'd have a tough time letting go of Betts, but Manny is Manny, so I could possibly talk myself into it.
  4. You're loaded with young SS so I wouldn't have an issue including Tatis, but if Blackmon, Tatis & spare parts isn't enough for Kershaw, I think you're not gonna find a deal with him. There's no way I'd include more than one of those prospects with Blackmon for just one of the SP. I might add Eloy to get both SP. I don't know enough about Huira to know how badly he unbalances the deal.
  5. My other keepers are Albies, Acuna, G Sanchez, and Suarez. I also have Adames and Bichette rostered as lottery tickets, but barring an early callup and immediate dominance by Bichette, neither would be kept over Story. And maybe not even in that case. The thing is I LOVE Hoskins and think he's gonna be an absolute beast, but the SS eligibility and SB for Story are giving me pause.
  6. Would you rather have Hoskins or Story in a 13 team keep 5 forever league? I am deliberately not saying which one of us has which player. After some consideration I ended up rejecting the deal, but I am wondering if I should have accepted. I think if I were to re-offer the deal there's a good chance he'd accept. Also I am hopelessly out of contention so future value is all that matters to me.
  7. This was years ago and it was injury reports, not specific fantasy advice per se, but I drafted Robb Nen over Gagne at closer. Gagne had a historic season and Nen never pitched in MLB again. EDIT: Oh yeah after Goldschmidt's first partial MLB season, I wanted to keep him, but all the reports said he just wasn't gonna end up being that good so I didn't keep him. Kept BJ Upton instead. D'oh!
  8. I must own him every season because I know the year I finally don't get him is the year he'll go for 35 Ws, 400 Ks, and a -1.90 ERA (yes, that's a negative ERA. The year I don't own him, he'll be so good he'll remove runs his opponents scored against other pitchers)
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