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  1. "Brown was spotted running routes, cutting, and sprinting prior to Oakland's preseason game Thursday and should return to the field soon, but the (numerous) red flags surrounding his availability and performance remain transparent. He's an obvious fade in the early rounds of fantasy drafts despite his glowing resume' *Drafts Antonio Brown in the "early rounds" everywhere* Who wrote this Evan Silva
  2. Sure, as someone who has owned him you say that. But next season, when people are looking at Jram 30/30 last year, and 20/30 this year... hes going to be hard to pass on. A lot probably depends on how hot he stays the rest of the year.... but my guess is he remains scorching.
  3. No one can get hotter than Jram. His slump was extended, which we haven't seen before, but he's had bad months before only to get white hot. He's going to rake the rest of the year. Finish 20/30 and be a first round pick again next year.
  4. Why we selling high on a guy not doing as well as last year? Suarez seems like a guy you ride for the rest of the season. Hes a legit bat. Not a scrub on a heater.
  5. With the MLB on pace to hit 500 home runs more than record-breaking 2017, how is this impacting the overall game of fantasy baseball? I personally have found this year challenging. Injuries aside, it's been difficult with the feeling that every bat is mashing. IDK if it feels diluted, but how do we know who's truly elite? What separates my team from the next team in any given week aside from luck? EVERYBODY MASHES. https://theathletic.com/1044790/2019/06/25/yes-the-baseball-is-different-again-an-astrophysicist-examines-this-years-baseballs-and-breaks-down-the-cha
  6. Yeah. Hard to operate keeper league pitching staffs. Thought I had a cornerstone to build around. Now I expect TJ at some point and 3 years from now he'll be on someone elses roster.
  7. 2006 Jason Bay to 2007 Jason Bay but even he hit .247 that year.
  8. I know I wish but mostly im full of it. Sigh. What do you do with a 26 year old former superstar.
  9. This dude is about to go on a heater you normies can't comprehend.
  10. Every time I check the box score for his recent AB it says "lined out to..." At some point this man should catch a damn break.
  11. Word is this dude can't hit velocity. Anyone selling high?
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