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  1. No expert here, but I have the same gut reaction as you.
  2. With Kelly on the IL, need to pick up a second C. No bench spots, so whoever I pick up starts every day. Of these three, any obvious choice? Willians Astudillo Daulton Varsho Yan Gomes
  3. I'm not all that knowledgeable on these two, but my gut reaction is the same as yours - take the trade. Any help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/753022-albies-v-d-murphy-ros/
  4. I'd take Trout/Sanchez without much hesitation. Does your league not require teams to have a catcher? Any help on this?
  5. Looking at possible trades. Other players would be involved, but the real question is which of these 2B-eligible players would you rather have rest of season - Ozzie Albies or Daniel Murphy?
  6. I need to drop either Todd Frazier or Rafael Devers at 3B and likely won't be able to make another move the rest of the season under our league's quirky rules. I have more priority on runs and average than HR and RBI. I'm inclined to drop Frazier, but concerned if Devers becomes only part-time rest of season. Which would you drop?
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