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  1. Every time I see this thread bumped I think it’s going to say he’s retiring out of sheer frustration.
  2. There is not a non zero chance that there is not no such thing as a strategy by that name.
  3. Is there a scenario where Cin gets an RB in the 1st 3 rounds and torpedoes Mixon’s ff value?
  4. No respect for Tonyan anywhere. I know what you would say. He'S sO tD DePEndENt!! He is not TD dependent. TD's are dependent on HIM.
  5. I keep waiting for garbage time and all I'm getting is garbage.
  6. Resolved! I know you were deeply concerned lolololololol But I think I am DONE with yahoo.
  7. Some VERY strange things are happening with my yahoo payout. 1. I got an email saying congratulations you won $1250. Redeem it here. 2. Soon as I redeemed it, they SUBTRACTED that amount from my f-ing bank and put it IN the wallet. 3. Now the wallet reads $2500, so I withdraw the whole g-d thing. 4. For a few days it says pending approval. 5. Then all that gets cancelled and the f-ing wallet is back to $1250. WTF!? Is anyone else having a problem w/ yahoo payouts?!
  8. Corey Davis getting zero tonight should warrant like its own Oscar winning movie where I am Sean Penn and Corey Davis getting zero is my daughter Murderered in a hole in some field somewhere
  9. well how do you like that? all I needed to counteract Kamara was to play Crowder and Agholor. too bad I would’ve had to be ******** Gandalf to figure that out
  10. Is dude going to be legit/rostered in 2021 drafts or is he going to be just a serviceable jag we grabbed off waivers for a stretch or two in 2020?
  11. It feels like both have just had their ceilings capped badly by this. Hating it all around and looking elsewhere if I need higher ceiling
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