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  1. yeah this guy needs more minutes otherwise a very low end C or use that spot as a streamer. If Plumlee is back and if there are indications he is going to start rest of the week, I may just drop Stewart.
  2. no one from Nets really (besides Kyrie/KD, of course) Maybe Jeff Green?
  3. 12 game suspension absolutely ruined this guy's fantasy season
  4. Rather he come off the bench so he doesn't have to compete with Grant/Plum for touches
  5. nets will be very cautious.. hammy is not to be messed with
  6. Ehhh not sure I would waste 1 transaction to add him for 1 full time game ..
  7. Tempted to drop him .. I bet he sits out 2 games and so a 3 game week for him
  8. He is the next guy I drop come Monday.. going to monitor the ORL game to see if any of them stand out
  9. I watched the game and Kornet gave BOS much better spacing than RW3. Monitor next few games...
  10. He didn't play the ENTIRE 4th, FYI Kornet played the 4th, hit 3s, spaced the floor. Then BOS started raining 3s and came back in 4th to win TT should be back in 2 games also, so will be interesting to see what happens with RW + TT + Kornet (+maybe Drummond)
  11. Giving him a couple of games.. def getting minutes. Didn't seem to be involved in the offense.. Poku and Theo had the ball a lot. Then Ty, Kenrich.
  12. I’m starting only because I have many players out
  13. Theis is gone and TT is in protocols, that’s why! Let’s see how many minutes he gets . Who’s the backup C?
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