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  1. yeah just have a good FT to negate the bad FT.. josh Richardson's perfect for this.. 95% FT
  2. Also MIN has just 1 game this week.. for those that are grabbing Nowell/Vanderbilt
  3. Tru to trade Deangelo + someone for a top 30 or so player.. Deangelo has name recognition.. he sucks tho
  4. Most weeks, it will reset Monday. But for week 11, nope. It’s the same max for week 11, which is 2 weeks
  5. Ahh yeah you are correct. I’ll pretend he got covid and is out
  6. At least bulk of suspension is during all star weeks...
  7. Terrible.. I guess MIN can now officially tank and get a top 3 pick
  8. I look at his game log last year.. and man.. makes my mouth water
  9. Who are they going small ball with? Tucker?
  10. The RW update is weird for Theo.. he did play along SGA. I believe this will benefit him.
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