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  1. Does the signing of Garcia potentially impact his PT? I can't imagine that being the case since Garcia is not a good fielder, and he seems like a barely serviceable DH. Meadows has major sleeper potential if hes given the PT.
  2. It was on a Rotoworld blurb a little over an hour ago sourcing the OC Register
  3. Interesting that he is only a .224 hitting throughout his MLB and MILB career vs Ls. I personally wouldnt bench him against lefties like E Rod though.
  4. I hope it has some sort of positive impact on that offense. Hamilton is brutal right now with that K%.
  5. I miss the days of BJ Upton when he was on the 07 Devil Rays. Name changes are stupid.
  6. His next start looks like it should be on the road against the Rangers so I guess its not a terrible idea to hold him in deeperish leagues.
  7. Well.... this one hurts. Thought it was going to be a good start at home.
  8. Cle has been pretty bad offensively so far. They are due for a correction soon, but the way Fulmer has pitched I think he is a start.
  9. Plus, he hits the ball hard. ADD IN EVERY FORMAT!!!! Choo Choo!
  10. Actually started him in one league today. I'm hoping he will be up for good the ball. Even when he makes outs he smokes the ball.
  11. Got to hand it to Perdomo though. That first duck and cover maneuver was nice.
  12. 44% in 30 games last year in his first taste of the bigs. Mostly mid 20% in his minor league career. EDIT: Judge also had a 44% K rate in his first 27 game call in up 2016. So basically its confirmed that Cordero will mirror Judge's 2017 year.
  13. With Margot on DL is he going to be more than a platoon guy?
  14. Mentioned it before. Had a feeling this would happen in the cold at Fenway with Severino
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