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  1. I wonder how the owners feel about AJ Preller giving Tatis a 14 year deal for $340m right now. Tatis had a known problem with his shoulder that did not give Preller any cause to be concerned about such an enormous contract. Unless the Padres are winning baseball games, I'm not sure Preller should feel so comfortable. Normally I would agree that CJ Abrams would not be under consideration for a promotion this early, but if Tatis is out for the season, I can see the door opening just a bit. I'm wasn't impressed with Kim during spring training. Maybe he'll snap out if and start hit
  2. I would agree but the Mets don't have a player like Tatis to negotiate that type of deal. No guarantee any player will live up to a big deal for that many years. Being younger helps.
  3. The choices are giving him a big contract or letting him walk. The Red Sox traded Mookie Betts because it didn't make much sense signing him to a long term contract in their minds.
  4. When they made the trade, everybody knew it would take in excess of $300m to get a contract signed. I don't like signing long term deals with players but that is what is what it takes to sign a top star player these days. They gave a little more to get this deal done when they would not go the extra year for George Springer. Lindor has looked great this spring.
  5. Most MLB teams seem to wait until they finalize rosters before listing players on the I.L. It probably has to do with setting up rotations to start the season. Teams don't want to start service time on any young player unless it is out of necessity. There is no disadvantage to waiting except to fantasy players. Luke Voit and Adelberto Mondesi were officially designated to the I.L. yesterday. Carlos Carrasco and other guys will get it today.
  6. There was talk of Gimenez starting the season in the minors. This kid's defense is legit and will keep him playing everyday at the major league level. He's young and will have some growing pains but he does have some sneaky power. I'm expecting regular AB's and 10 HR's and 25 SB's this year. His ADP in NFC confirms people like his chances to produce fantasy numbers this season. Ahmed Rosario will not see SS again with this kid around.
  7. The question asked was only for this season: What’s Vladdy’s 2021 slash line predictions? Ceiling. Realistic. Floor. Go. -- Faabs89 Love your optimism on prime Vladdy. If he stays completely committed in the future, I can see it.
  8. This writer made the following projections for the upcoming year in a recent Q & A with Jays fans. I think Vlad exceeds those floor numbers based on what we are seeing in spring training so far. If he is committed to fitness and launch angle improvement with his hard hit rate, the potential to breakout is there this year. Keegan Matheson covers the Blue Jays for MLB.com. Follow him on Twitter @KeeganMatheson. What’s Vladdy’s 2021 slash line predictions? Ceiling. Realistic. Floor. Go. -- Faabs89 As lon
  9. Could mean something, probably nothing, but: Vlad Guerrero Jr. has a 19-degree launch angle over 12 batted balls tracked by Statcast this spring. His highest LA in any other month of his career? 9 degrees. 2:25 PM · Mar 16, 2021·Twitter Web App Ryan Bloomfield on Twitter: "Could mean something, probably nothing, but: Vlad Guerrero Jr. has a 19-degree launch angle over 12 batted balls tracked by Statcast this spring. His highest LA in any other month of his career? 9 degrees." / Twitter Small sample size for sure but it appears Vlad
  10. Alonso had a great rookie year but only has six more month's of full time AB's over Dom. Alonso's power is legit but the batting average is in doubt not to mention his glove. Dom's hit tool is real and he finally show'd the power last year. Dom's been in the organization longer and is a former first round selection. I've been following both since they were drafted. Dom is superior to Alonso defensively at 1B while being weak in LF. Alonso said his batting approach will be better this season. Hopefully it will. This is a situation where a DH would help this team enormously w
  11. I think he can still steal 10-15 bases which is a late first rounder for me. I am concerned about the team limiting his running. They need him healthy. Without the steals, I might favor taking Freddie Freeman ahead of him who is about as safe a pick in fantasy for somebody who doesn't steal bases.
  12. Almora's career batting average is .280 against lefties. And he was terrible in 2019. Only had 34 combined PA's last year. He isn't a slouch but I hear you. I fully expect him to be a defensive replacement late in games with the occasional start. Pillar will get more starts against lefties though at Nimmo's expense. If Dom Smith struggles in LF, maybe that opens some more playing time. edit: against lefties
  13. I don't disagree with anything other than I don't see him scoring 100 Runs with this current roster. The Mets tried to get George Springer and wound up getting Pillar & Almora (all right handed hitters) for a reason. He will lose some AB's. How many is yet to be determined. And I think he will leadoff against righties, doubtful against lefties.
  14. In 4 seasons in the majors his highest total is 77 runs scored in 535 PA's in the 2018 season. We don't know if he will be the primary leadoff hitter or if he will get full time AB's. He should get at least 500 AB's and be very productive but I doubt he gets 100 Runs. OBP machine for sure but probably loses AB's against lefties with Kevin Pillar and Albert Almora added to the team.
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