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  1. This is for the team in the signature. It's a Dynasty/Auction format, $210. Proposed trade is this (showing next year's keeper values) Give: Dak Prescott ($20), Dalvin Cook ($8) Get: Antonio Brown ($72), Rob Kelley ($20) Here's the trouble: I will be keeping Luck ($30) and Wentz ($16), and could always get a third QB in the auction. The problem is I don't think my team is good enough to win it all (there's a team in our league that has Brady/Rodgers as his QBs and Elliott/Freeman/Hunt as his RBs), and I probably wouldn't keep Kelley. I definitely can't keep B
  2. Yeah kick Patterson to the curb. The word "upside" applied to that guy in 2015.
  3. Hey all, this is for the team in my signature. I won't be keeping basically half the players on my roster (too expensive next year), so the only numbers that really matter are the QB ones. $210 budget dynasty format. Keeper values: Luck $30, Tyrod $25, Dak $20, Wentz $11. Needless to say, if Luck finishes the season healthy I'm keeping him. Given that we can start two QBs each week, Aaron Rodgers went for $57! If Wentz is even half as good as I think he's going to be, I'm keeping him too. Tyrod's gone at $25. I'd like to have a backup plan that doesn't include starting Tyrod every
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