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  1. I am interested in joining your dynasty start up. anyway to get a look at the rules?  this may be a stupid question but what do you mean 3 matchups a week?





    1. Dan94


      Welcome to the Inaugural year of Dynasty Football(2016) 
      $50 year buy in each per season. 
      No I.D.P. - No Contracts - No Salaries P.P.R. 14 Teams
      All teams must be paid a year in advance to ensure committment to league

      Initial Draft will consist of 25 rounds with order being set by a draft randomizer. All Rookie Drafts will be 3 rounds long. The inaugural draft will occur when the league fills and dues are paid. 

      10 Starters in your Weekly Lineup - 25 Roster Spots, 30 in offseason 

      6 teams will make the playoffs 4 best regular season records and the 2 top scoring regular season teams. If the top regular season record team is also top scoring, the team that finished 5th in the regular season will make the playoffs. The 2 top scoring teams will receive byes in the first round(Week 14). The two teams who win the division round matchups will face these two teams with the team with the best regular season record facing the highest scoring team and vice versa.

      League Fees are due at the end of each season. If a team has not paid for the coming season, they will not be able to make roster moves (i.e. trades.).

      All payments will be handled using PayPal. I have prior league winners that can confirm of payouts. 

      When paying league fees - for either present or future seasons - it is done with the understanding of making a commitment to the league. This means that an owner who has paid his or her fees should not expect a refund if he or she decides to leave the league (for any reason) unless a replacement owner can be found to take over the team and is willing to pay full price; i.e. the team is good and does not require a discount to lure in a new owner. Every effort will be made by the commissioner and the league to replace an owner for the full price before electing to discount a team. This rule is to protect the integrity of the franchise as well as the league.

      We will have one rookie draft every year, consisting of three rounds. The order of the rookie draft will be determined by a worst to first order. The team with the worst record will have the first pick, the team with the second worst record will have the second pick, and so on; this will be how the first six picks are determined. The last six won’t be based on record, but how those teams fared in the play-offs. For example, the league champion will have the last pick of the draft, the team that placed second will have the eleventh pick, and so on. Records will break ties for teams that finished in the same position during the play-offs, with the team that finished with the worse record drafting higher THIS WILL BE DONE USING THE STANDINGS TIEBREAKER SYSTEM .


      There will be 4 spots allocated for IR. A player must be designated by FanTrax as being placed on IR by his NFL franchise. All IR players must be either released or returned to their fantasy rosters within one week after the NFL Super Bowl.

      LEAGUE MESSAGE BOARD: I expect owners to be engaged and communicate with one another in the league chat on the GroupMe app throughout the calendar year. 

      MATCHUPS: Each team will face three different opponents each week. The regular season runs from week 1 to week 13. This means that each team will play 39 games during the regular season. With the three matchups a week, it serves as a better indicator of each team's performance as many times you'll face a team with a big week but with this system in place if you have the second biggest week you'll still go 2-1 rather than suffering a tough 0-1 for the week. 


      Waivers will be processed on Wednesday during the regular season and the offseason. Following waivers processing, players will be available for pickup via a free agency system, first come first serve.

      Trades are permitted until start of week 12 games. Trades can include players and/or draft picks (1 year in advance max). OFFSEASON (after the league championship) Any player on the roster may be traded during the off-season. A trade becomes final once both teams have accepted and as commissioner I will have the final say in whether or not it is fair. If owners disagree with my ruling on the trade, we will have a league vote on whether or not to pass the trade. The commissioner's stance on trades in a dynasty league is to allow all proposed trades to be commenced unless there is obvious collusion between owners. Player value in this format has a wide range of latitude. 

      COLLUSION AND CHEATING Any team caught Cheating or in Collusion will immediately forfeit ownership of their team and all rights of ownership including prize money and deposits already paid to the league. Collusion is any two or more teams working together to improve one team unfairly. This must be shown by their actions. (Examples: a series of unequal trades, Not starting a proper lineup or their best line up to help someone else win) Cheating is any action that helps give your team or another team an unfair advantage and would not be considered by a person of integrity to be honest and good sportsmanship.

      TEAM MANAGEMENT DISCLAIMER The commissioner is not responsible for any problem or technical malfunction, which impedes or interferes with the transmission or receipt of any team transaction, including but not limited to starting lineup submissions. If for some reason there is a down time experienced with our web host, all principle owners can submit an email to the league commissioner, reporting the lapse and submit any information pertaining to free agent moves, and starting lineup submissions. These emails are time stamped which eliminates collusion. Once the experienced down time has been repaired, the league commissioner will update all information pertaining to starting lineups and free agent acquisitions. The commissioner will also send an email to another fellow league member if these issues pertain to his franchise, to eliminate collusion on the part of the commissioner.


      A proposed rule change needs to pass by a majority vote (7 people vote in favor of it). Rule changes may be proposed at any time but, as a general rule, they will not be changed until the offseason. I take everybody's opinion into consideration and any league rule change proposal that is reasonable will be posted during the offseason for a league vote. 

      TEAM COMPETITIVENESS Participants are expected to run their franchises in a professional manner throughout the entirety of the fantasy season and offseason. In other words, pay attention to the ENTIRE season and put your best lineup in each week, even if you are not "playing for anything" during the final weeks of the season. During the offseason, remain interested and checking up on the league, keeping up with league free agency and offseason moves. Your lineup decisions could help decide which of your fellow owners does or doesn't make the playoffs. So please, play to win. I do not ever expect this to be an issue in this league.

      REGULAR SEASON TIEBREAKERS: In the situation that a team ties for a regular season record, the first tiebreaker will be points scored during the regular season followed by head to head record against team(s) tied with. 

      PLAYOFF TIEBREAKERS In the playoffs, tiebreakers will be resolved by which team is the lower seed. If the 6 seed is playing the 1 seed and they tie, the 6 seed will be rewarded the win. This way it gives the underdogs the recognition for being right there with the best regular season team in the league. 


      14 teams x $50 entry= $700
      League Commissioner Service= $80
      League Winnings Pot= $620
      League winner= $400
      Runner up= $120
      Regular Season points winner= $100

  2. Looking to join serious MLB keeper dynasty league. How many teams? How many roster spots? Categories?


    I see draft is tomorrow. Draft time? When does fantasy season begin?


    Do you have a link I can check out?

    1. Dan94


      • Welcome to Dynasty Baseball Guys 5x5 Roto League

        $50 Buy in with first two years paid up front. Money sent through paypal to do94nbpt@gmail.com

        Keeper League with 10 keepers each season, players not kept will be entered into the player pool and will be available to be drafted the following season.

        Roster size is 28 players total no spots for minor league players. You are more than welcome to have minor league players on your roster but they will count towards the 28 players. 

        Trades will be executed through the commissioner. 

        Categories are:


        Lineups will be set weekly and the deadline is before the first game on Monday of the week.

        Payouts will be as follows
        $50 x 12= 600
        FanTrax Premium= 80
        Winnning Pot= $520
        1st place= $350
        2nd place=$120
        3rd place= $50

        Each team needs to be paid up a year in advance to make trades. This ensures league commitment. 
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