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  1. Gonna have to contact the milk carton companies and see if we can get his face put on them because he has straight-up disappeared.
  2. Updated your post given a month has passed.
  3. Hopefully better than what Hiura has done.
  4. Let's see, all I need today is for my bats to hit very well, score tons of RBI and runs and my desperation combo of Gomber, Brubaker, Gray, Marco Gonzales and Alzolay to throw incredibly well and then I may have a shot at winning my league.
  5. McCullers will pitch tonight, but on a pitch count. Likely will only go 3-5 innings max.
  6. I need Musgrove to pitch a gem tonight and Castillo/Pineda to have a pitcher's duel with one of them coming out with the W. Please, fantasy gods....
  7. Cleveland is one game back from the division lead so I'd imagine they'll leave him out there as long as he can go.
  8. Already off to a good start. Desperately needing ERA and WHIP after Lynn, Mills, McGowin and Nick Vincent obliterated my yearly ERA I put in a waiver claim for McCullers only to find out when I wake up that Dusty has taken his start away. That's just great.
  9. Was in a dead heat for the championship today with Alec Mills and Lynn on the mound. Instead of locking in my championship, I have likely secured defeat. Waivers don't run until Saturday morning so I'm going to have to make some desperation plays to try and improve ERA and WHIP now. Never trust a Ranger to do anything good for you when it counts.
  10. I'm here for the "Alec Mills May Have Just Cost You From Winning Your Championship" pity party. Table for one, please.
  11. Makes sense. I know I've seen pitchers get saves pitching less than an inning before but they probably inherited runners. I've never really paid close attention to that before.
  12. I thought Anderson should've gotten a save too. He came in after the RP before him brought it to within a 3-run game. Seems like it should qualify for a save unless there's some obscure rule I'm missing.
  13. I watched him last night for the first time. He reminded me of DeGrom in that his delivery is so effortless and then you see 96/97 MPH on the radar and are just wondering how he can do that. He's pretty much a two-pitch guy with his changeup being quite nasty.
  14. He looked pretty good other than his one mistake pitch that went into the stands. Well, actually he had quite a few of those pitches but that was the only one taken advantage of. His curve looked nasty today.
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