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  1. RIVERA with a hamate fracture...just sayin.......
  2. gutierrez dfa'd, royals call up rivera. huh 🤷‍♂️
  3. what are we thinking on a callup? i can't see them waiting til september w/ the way santana has been playing.
  4. mcclanahan is probably your only drop here.
  5. 12 team, 5x5 standard scoring h2h
  6. Is Tyler Naquin worth a #1 waiver priority (let's just say in a vacuum) ?
  7. You know who sucks? Brad Hand sucks.
  8. i'm buying. saw him in person against the royals and he was looking filthy. if he can stay healthy, top 30-40?
  9. if he's in the pen, i think that sucks his value out in the majority of leagues. will be keeping an eye on him though.
  10. no, he just sucks. sims is going to take the job and run with it. dude is a boss - and did you see him in the rainout the other night? 🤣
  11. the royals haven't played the service time game lately. if dozier, lopez, mondesi, etc are still struggling in a couple weeks (and we're still in the top 1 or 2 spot in the central), i see no reason they hesitate to bring him up. i don't have anything scientific to base that on, but as a royals fan, this is what i could see happening.
  12. Just shaking off the rust lately or what?
  13. 😄 i hate burning two spots on this
  14. has anyone discussed the reds situation at all? i can't figure it out...
  15. him or abrams, but kim probably the immediate add
  16. what do you guys think w/ tatis injury? abrams or kim?
  17. Mondesi news expedite anything here?
  18. can you even trust duke at this point? he's had 2 games as the "bellcow" and in my .5ppr league, he hasn't topped 6 points.
  19. i'd hold this week coming off the bye. if it's the same story as the past several weeks, i'd go ahead and drop in week 12.
  20. reagor finna go off this weekend against that browns secondary. book it.
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