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  1. Stay awhile and listen...

  2. I'm really interested in thoughts too if Sidney Rice and Jackson are both Vikings come later in the year...how does that impact their value?
  3. This could get interesting. Just speculation on my part: 1: If he's traded to Minnesota now, does the bye week count as a game? I'm thinking it doesn't. I wonder if it would serve the Vikings better to have him on the Chargers roster that week so it counts...? 2: I don't believe he can practice while suspended. He's not allowed to attend any official team activities is my understanding.
  4. I have both Sidney Rice and Vincent Jackson stashed. I'm holding out on the longshot card that Jackson stays with the Chargers and Rice returns to the Vikings so that both have value down the stretch this year. I wonder how crowded it would get in Minnesota with both Rice and Jackson.
  5. hahaha, I was just going to make this exact same post! Someone should get outside the room and listen in.
  6. It's kind of a funny situation when you think of it. On one hand it's "The trade was worked out, but V-Jax wouldn't accept the contract". On the other it's "V-Jax had the contract but the Chargers wouldn't agree on the trade". Thing is, this stuff goes hand and hand. If V-Jax agrees on a crazy deal, the Chargers aren't going to get much for him. If the Chargers get a lot of trade value out of it, the other team is going to want a cheap contract out of the deal. I think this is what that one update about the Rams meant by "too many moving parts"
  7. I think it's over, dude. Time to decide whether you want to hang in for 6 weeks or cut bait .
  8. Technically he was 11th in one of my leagues last year and 12th in my other so maybe the truth is somewhere in between but given how well he came out of the gate laste year I'm sure he's got top 10 potential while he's in the lineup. I just snagged him off of waivers in one league (Granted a 10-team league). A recent Rotoworld update indicated something along the lines of drafting him in the late rounds "if at all" and Yahoo has him ranked at 58 among receivers behind the likes of James Jones, Kevin Walter and Austin Collie...I have to think there are a few leagues out there where he's avail
  9. At this stage in the game, is there any reason not to get Vincent Jackson on your roster if he's a free agent in your league? When playing he's a top 10 WR, a 3-game suspension isn't bad at all for a guy you can get for "free" and we should have a pretty good idea by this weekend whether he's really serious on sitting out the whole year. If he's not, there's a good chance a deal is done by Saturday. Why not pick him up for a few days and, worst case, drop him again on Sunday if nothing pans out?
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