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  1. I agree with most of this and I am hopeful he can be decent but like you said he is a ground ball pitcher. What i disagree with you is mets defense. As a mets fan watching them last year this defense will be horrendous. They may not make a ton of errors but their range is atrocious. One of my biggest disappointments last year was realizing Rosario has no range. So many balls he just can't get to. This will hurt Stroman the most. Cano is old and has no range. McNeil is avg at best and Alonso is below avg. They should make the routine plays but they certainly won't save runs or help pit
  2. Is he definitely done for the year. Can't find anything definitive. thanks
  3. I think that is old info you are reading. I would be shocked if he isn't batting 3rd everyday.
  4. Nice 2700 yd 32 td pace. Best player in NFL history. Seems realistic LOL
  5. Wasn't he notoriously streaky in KBO as well?
  6. What would really make sense is for the dodgers to trade Agone to the mets for a prospect. Agone may not be great but he is better than anything the mets have. Duda just had a set back. Im sure it won't happen tho.
  7. some do and some just go straight when he is behind in count. AS long as he gets his FpK rate high he will have a shot. He needs to watch his pitch count as well.. But really he has been very dominant today but one crappy change up and one flat FB to two of the best left handed bats in MLB is nothing to be ashamed of.
  8. 7k in 10AB yes he hit a long HR but he has no business being on the Rangers roster right now. He needs to show progress down in AAA. He can hit the occasional mistake a long way but mostly he is an automatic out.
  9. He might be worth a flier but taking him over those guys is crazy talk. I wish people in my leagues paid for peralta over those guys, I would clean up.
  10. I saw him pitch a little while back. He pitched against Thor. And maybe he is throwing harder but his looked like changeups after watching Noah. Not to say he has to throw as hard as Noah to be good but just saying it isn't a legit 98. Maybe low 90s but certainly not throwing hard as some of these reports are saying.
  11. Where did joey bats go? i dont remember him leaving
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