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  1. Exactly what I was going to say. This puts into perspective how tough the Mavs fought. I still can't believe what I'm seeing. Spurs winning the series isn't a surprise, but they've been so dominant.
  2. You can do it whichever way you want. If you want it in the Yahoo league history, the two teams can make the trade in the league.
  3. Wow, thanks Chingon. You dug out the info for me. In any case, I will switch over control soon.
  4. League reopened. Rosters in and I can change commish as well. I will dig out my record of traded picks tomorrow though I'm sure some were missed.
  5. I could most definitely do that if everybody else in the league is up for that though I guess that's a different matter in and of itself. Either way, you'll need a replacement for me. Shouldn't be hard since I do believe that the team is well set up to put up a fight this year. Just let me know what the final consensus is.
  6. I am sorry to inform everybody, but I will not be reopening this league. It has been a great few years with this fun and active league. However, I'm not up for another year of fantasy football. It runs with baseball and basketball season which doesn't help any. If someone wants to take over as commish, that's fine. In any case, I thank everybody here for being part of this league and making it so competitive.
  7. Sorry for the wait. Here are the results. I will make the roster additions tomorrow. Benji: $3 o Javon Ringer $2 on D.J Ware (dropping Kevin Walter) Sportsguy: $1 on Garrett Hartley (dropping Matt Hasselbeck) $1 on Dallas DEF (dropping Jason Avant) $3 on Dallas Clark (dropping Jake Ballard) $5 on Tim Hightower (dropping Devin Hester) Motorcity: $9 on Cole Beasley Winky: $12 on Bernard Pierce $9 on Martellus Bennett (dropping Mercedes Lewis) Sr.Dick Grande $7 on Ryan Broyles $3 Josh Gordon Let me know if I missed any bids.
  8. All FAs are on waivers since the draft has officially ended. I am accepting bids and the results will be released on Tuesday. Afterwards, anybody left is free for pick up.
  9. All FAs are on waivers since the draft has officially ended. I am accepting bids and the results will be released on Tuesday. Afterwards, anybody left is a FA.
  10. We finished the draft quick lol. Onto some post-draft notes (probably should've posted earlier). As we all know, we have a bidding system. I can't put players on waivers, so we will do what we have been doing the past couple of years. I will forfeit my rights to bid to accept bids on the players still available. There will 3 days to submit bids. I will release the winning bids on Tuesday and award the players to the respective teams.
  11. 1. Shock - LaMichael James RB SF 2. Motorcity (via sya) - Terrell Owens WR SEA 3. K.Heart - Jonathan Dwyer, RB PITT 4. Wink (via Sr. Dick Grande) 5. Motorcity (via TexasAD via sya) 6. KTown 7. Idaho 8. Let's Go ARod 9. Motorcity 10. Winky 11. Benji 12. Motorcity (via El Chingon) Gonna play the starting pitching game with RBs...Take a bunch and hope to land gold lol.
  12. Round 2 1. El Chingon - Brian Quick 2. El Chingon - Steven Hill 3. Motorcity - Rashad Jennings 4. El Chingon (via Motorcity) - Rueben Randle 5. KTown (via Let's Go ARod via sya) - Evan Royster RB WASH 6. Idaho Russell Wilson QB SEA 7. KTown - Coby Fleener - TE INDY 8. Motorcity (via El Chingon, via TexasAD) - Mike Goodson RB OAK 9. Sr. Dick Grande - Chris Rainey, RB, PITT 10. K.Heart - Vick Ballard, RB IND 11. Motorcity (via Sya, via El Chingon) 12. Shock
  13. Shock, I recommend giving your picks to Winky. I won't check until around 7 EST tomorrow. I'll have my pick in shortly.
  14. Shock, I don't have any plans to impose a time limit and still don't. I'm glad you checked in to give us an update on the situation.
  15. You guys sure love your RBs. I'll take one too lol. Round 1 1. El Chingon- Trent Richardson 2. Sya (via Benji) - Doug Martin 3. Sr. Dick Grande (via Wink) - David Wilson 4. El Chingon (via Motorcity) - Isaiah Pead 5. Sya (via Let's Go A-Rod) - Andrew Luck 6. El Chingon (via Idaho) - RG3 7. Sr. Dick Grande (via Wink, via, Sya, via KTown) - Justin Blackmon 8. Benji (via TexasAD, via Sya) - Kendall Wright 9. Wink (via Sr. Dick Grande) - Lamar Miller 10. K. Heart - Ronnie Hillman, RB, DEN 11. El Chingon (via Sya) 12. Shock Round 2 1. El Chingon 2. El Chingon (via Benji) 3. Motorci
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