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  1. Currently need someone for Pacers, Cavaliers, and Nuggets
  2. 5 teams left. Knicks, Cavaliers, Magic, Mavericks, and Warriors
  3. League is 24 team dynasty league with IDPs and contracts. We run the league on dynastysportshub.epizy.com and scoring is done on fantrax.com. The team available is currently 5-3 (we schedule 2 games during weeks 1-3 and 12 to get the final game total at 16). The team likely makes the playoffs but needs to get a starting QB because Tu'a is currently the starting QB. The league fee is $35.00 per season but this team is paid for this season. League boards: http://dynastysportshub.epizy.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=10 League rules: http://dynastysportshub.epizy.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=
  4. Knicks, Pacers, Magic, Warriors, Clippers, and Rockets left.
  5. Knicks, Pacers, Magic, Warriors, Clippers, Kings, Rockets, and Spurs available.
  6. Celtics, Knicks, Pacers, Magic, Warriors, Clippers, Kings, Rockets, and Spurs still open
  7. Celtics Knicks Pacers Magic Thunder Warriors Clippers Kings Rockets Spurs All still available.
  8. T-Wolves claimed now. Openings left are: Celtics Knicks Pacers Magic Wizards Thunder Warriors Clippers Kings Rockets Spurs
  9. CelticsKnicksNetsPacersMagicWizardsT-WolvesThunderWarriorsClippersKingsRocketsSpurs
  10. CelticsKnicksNetsPacersMagicWizardsT-WolvesThunderWarriorsClippersLakersKingsRocketsSpurs Still available.
  11. The below teams are still open: Celtics Raptors Knicks Nets Pacers Magic Wizards T-Wolves Thunder Warriors Clippers Lakers Kings Rockets Grizzlies Spurs
  12. Brand new league starting up on ProFSL.com forums. League is a 30 team free salary dynasty league. Rosters are taken from the end of the 2019-20 season (any UFA/RFA is automatically a FA at start of league). Salary cap will be $110m and each team will get 2 free drops to rid your team of overpaid players. League will be scored on fantrax. League boards: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?board=3932.0 League Rules: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?topic=370088.0 Currently the Bulls, Cavaliers, Pistons, Hawks, Nuggets, Blazers, Jazz, Suns, Mavs, and Pelicans are already c
  13. Tampa Bay is still currently available. Still interested?
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