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  1. Oh wow, I thought I made this pick. Sorry guys. I'll take Cierre Wood. Drop Michael Bush.
  2. I'll take Gio Bernard if he's still available. Since I know he's not, I'll just go ahead and take Terrence Williams. Drop Delone Carter. Thanks for literally nothing.
  3. Did I get the player you were hoping for =) Aw shucks, lol Unfortunately for me, yes.
  4. I will take Travis Kelce. Dropping LeStar Jean.
  5. If I recall, he's involved with the military so isn't always able to get to the comp.
  6. Trade. I receive 2.12, 3.12 and a 2014 2nd round pick. I give 2.5
  7. Looking to trade down. Will trade 2.5 for a 2014 1st straight up. Still some elite options out there.
  8. And this is why I wanted you to move up for my pick for this one plus you're second. Dammit. Nice pick. Mwahaha. Still very decent talent on the board.
  9. I will take Chrstine Michael. Drop TJ Yates
  10. Cordarelle would have been pretty fun! But not at that price
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