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  1. I like coming back here to get a good laugh. This guys been the worst bust of this season. He really needs to work on that jumper this offseason because wow, its scary bad.
  2. You should've specified points leagues because this list is so off for standard settings. In standard leagues Zion fell way under his ADP. He was drafted late 2nd/early 3rd and is currently 58 overall. Sabonis is basically breaking even, Garland is 125 overall, and Fox is a bust at 70. Rest of the list looks great. Add Jerami Grant, Lamelo, Lonzo (slightly) Conley, Jaylen Brown, Rozier, Lavine, CP3 (4th rounder in most of my leagues), Mccollum, Jarrett Allen, and Olynyk,
  3. Yea hes not good in your league because your league has different settings and you're in a points league. In standard h2h/roto leagues Collins is 41 overall.
  4. Well I don't play points leagues but for roto he's been extremely solid. He's not ranked high because others have missed games. He's ranked high because of his versatility of providing high percentages while hitting 1.3 threes, low turnovers, and still providing at least a block a game. He literally only hurts you in steals and assists. He's great for roto. I definitely do not for one second regret drafting him early 3rd round and totally look forward to drafting him next year for what looks like to be even cheaper.
  5. Calling John Collins a bust when he's 41 overall for the season doesn't really make much sense. Yes his ADP was around late 2nd/early 3rd, but people with common sense wouldn't dare draft him higher than 3rd round because of Capela. I was able to take him for 31 bucks in an auction (which is early 3rd round) and I am very satisfied with the production I got from him. He went $1 cheaper than Nurkic in that league so I was pretty happy with that. I expected dips in pts, rebs, and blks, but I expected great percentages and low turnovers and that's what I got.
  6. Conley, Josh Richardson, Clarkson, Bullock, and Moses Brown shot a combined 6/43 tonight. Doesn't get better than your team shooting a combined 9 fg% (NINE, SINGLE DIGITS) when you're fighting for a top 3 finish.
  7. What's the problem? This is a roto league I'm in and its a tight race for first and his to's and poor fg% would take me out 1st place so I bench him. That 37 point game would good fg% and only 1 turnover would've been perfect though.
  8. I was totally expecting the season to play out the way it did so I avoided drafting any first round guys in my auction money leagues. I figured depth would play a huge role because I knew there would be alot of missed games this year, so I built my teams around 2nd round bargains instead like Vucevic, Vanvleet, Kyrie, and I also hit big with Myles Turner. I'm on pace to finish in top 2 in 3 of my 4 money leagues so my strategy worked out great. I will say however that it was time consuming and frustrating managing all these teams due to soooo many missed games. I also only play roto. H2h
  9. I use Garland as a handcuff for Kyrie when he sits out, so he mainly stays on my bench although I do sub him in sometimes for my utility slots. It definitely hurt to have him on the bench tonight, that's for sure. Hopefully he keeps this up though.
  10. I picked up Bjelica in most of my leagues hoping he gives me a poor mans version of Horford.
  11. I personally think he's done. He might get 20 mins a night still but it certainly won't be top 70 value like he was putting up.
  12. This is an awful, awful team. I'd seriously be surprised if they win more than 1 game the rest of the year. OPJ's fg% will take a hit.
  13. But wouldn't he be losing mins now with the new additions?
  14. Bjelica or however you spell his name is a big winner here too. He'll be taking all of Olynyks mins i assume
  15. ah yes good point...wonder what they gave up since woj hasnt updated it on twitter still
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