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  1. Well we all know Nurk was completely out of shape, was only playing 23 mins a game, couldn't hit fts, yet he was STILL able to put up 10, 8, 3, 1, 1 . You really don't think an in shape Nurk will get at least 13, 10, 3, with solid stocks? That would still be top 60. The only thing that really concerns me is since he hasn't been shooting with the wrist injury it's very possible his ft% will still be pretty bad.
  2. If he comes back by March 21st then he should be in line to play at least 25 solid games. His jumper won't be there, but that should help his fg% since he probably won't take jumpers.
  3. Jesus, the second I trade for him he refused to stay healthy. What is with my luck this year and trading for guys who get injured after I acquire them? Can't catch a break.
  4. Na, F that. Fantasy is like stocks, gotta aim to buy low and sell high. I almost got Adebayo for Sexton back when Sexton was as high as 28 I believe after 10 games. The guy said he wanted to wait about 3-5 games more to see if Sexton was the real deal. Needless to say he fell off a cliff in those next few games. My 1 bad team would be so drastically different at this point had he taken that deal.
  5. Even without injury AD was playing poorly for his standards. Obviously we didn't know he was dealing with an Achilles injury at the time, but he wasn't doing good. Vuc was already ranked ahead of Davis at the time and he's had a solid track record as well. For the 2nd deal even though Mccollum has been out, Jrue is going to be out the same amount with covid. So Jrue and CJ cancel each other out. So I basically traded Luka for CP3 and Horford. Not a bad deal, but statistically losing the way they've been playing. CP3 has been so on fire that he might finish ahead of Doncic by end of season
  6. I pulled off 2 trades a month ago and everyone here seem to say they were stupid trades because they were way too one sided in my favor. Well 1 month later and it shows I've lost both deals, funny how that works out. 1st deal : Vucevic/Horford for Anthony Davis. Clearly lost there. This team wasn't that good to begin with, but this deal effectively ruined my season and any hope I had of a comeback. 2nd deal: Mccollum/CP3/Horford for Doncic/Jrue. Another loss, but no where near as bad as the first. I'm still projected to finish in 2nd.
  7. I mean people kinda expect him to kill at this point since he's been doing it for years lol
  8. Man really sucks I cut this man. I don't need his stats really but I bet I could've gotten a mid round player in a trade for him at this point since he's been killing.
  9. He's fallen off a cliff. Heck he dove head first off a cliff. He might fall out of top 100 pretty soon at this rate if he doesn't start to turn it around.
  10. Leaving him on my bench, fk it. No steals, low assists, and can't hit his ft's. He's been awful this year.
  11. Yea, obviously he should be. I wouldn't expect any threes or jumpers, so maybe his scoring will go down slightly. I still see a good chance at 13, 10, 3 asts and the usual stocks for at least the last 15 games of the season.
  12. Reddit is trash for fantasy basketball. I have this and the reddit page saved on my favorites and I hardly use the reddit for fantasy anymore. This display is much easier to read and respond to comments on threads.
  13. This man hasn't recorded a steal in decades it seems
  14. I got this man off waivers a couple weeks ago hoping rose got traded. Totally happy that went just like I thought it would.
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