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  1. Needless to say, Ty is a huge fantasy sleeper this year. Put a spot on your cheat sheet for him.
  2. He's got to be a hot pickup this week and for the next few at this stage. Opportunity is there.
  3. Lamar. You drafted him where you did (likely) for a reason. Your starting QB. Help with mine?
  4. Thanks y'all. Going to need some luck this week obviously.
  5. I'd stick with Gaskin and Shenault. Their stock seems to be on the rise. Help with mine?
  6. Henderson. I know the LAR RB situation is a frustrating one to decipher. But the NE one is even worse imo. Help with mine?
  7. Close between Drake and Woods for me too. I'd go Drake however. Help with mine?
  8. I'd have to go with Mixon. Help with mine?
  9. I'm forced to start one of Jerick McKinnon (vs LAR), Cam Akers (vs SF), and Matt Breida (vs NYJ) this week due to bye week issues. Half-PPR. Who you got? I'm leaning towards McKinnon right now, but would love some input if anyone has an opinion to share. WHIR, leave your link, thanks!
  10. Yeah, you can't lose really. Either pick seems solid. Montgomery is the starter. But Kelley and co. have a tasty matchup against the leaky CAR D. I may go Kelley for the upside. He's getting a lot of work early on this season.
  11. I like Kelley and McKinnon. Kelley gets that porous CAR defense, and McKinnon is getting a prime opportunity to show what he can do in Week 3. Really like his upside this week, even with Jeff Wilson Jr expected to get in on the action as well. Slayton is way too much of a risk, imo. DJ has a tough matchup, as you said.
  12. All depends on how healthy Julio is. Might want to play it safe and go with Woods. Help with mine?
  13. Kelley. He's getting a lot of work. Help with mine?
  14. Until the wheels fall off, it's hard not to go with Kelley, off to such a great start. Help with mine?
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