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  1. Good for you Flsch. Those are the kinds of leagues I am in too, and the posts/posters I like to see the most. It pains me when some just trash any and all spec, any and all going out on a limb, because in their league 6+ guys with more value are already available. Well, good for them, but I've had to have an eye on Ogando for a while because I made off with Feliz last year doing the same thing and I don't want to get burned. I just don't think it's going to be as a starter - maybe the Rangers will play fantasy owners once again and trade high on him to another team that would deploy him in t
  2. I have been high on Ogando for a while, in the Closer chaosaggedon thread. IMHO it's just confidence and 'poise' re: the slider. With it being more teachable and considering who's there doing the teaching, it's safe to start licking your chops. A lot of us are. This was Neftali Feliz (in several key respects) before, and that's why a lot of us had him rostered before Frankie Franc had even lost the job or Spring Training was halfway over, because it was that much of a lock. As for being a temporary starter, I wouldn't get that excited but I could definitely envision a short-term breakout, i
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