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  1. Guess you and I are riding on the same train this season. Picked up Soto and Acuna as prospects then blew a big chunk of my auction budget to add Freeman this year. Should be a fun ride!
  2. After his back-to-back beast games (Nets/Blazers) I managed to trade him for Capela, straight up.
  3. Yeah, Tucker now is tied for the NL RBI lead. That’s pretty significant.
  4. Spurs just average without Leonard. .....anytime now
  5. Spurs getting blown out = Leonard a step closer to his return. Three game losing streak would seal the deal. Pop and the Spurs are playing games.
  6. Yup, I’ve been rooting my heart out for the Spurs to lose for this vey reason. So far to no avail. Best chance for Leonard to get back on the court is for the Spurs to go on a three game losing streak.
  7. He hit 5 for 5 on threes in his last preseason game but really it’s not a big part of his game.
  8. As someone who watched all of his college games I can say that he has a very high upside. There is a reason Ainge picked him #3 in the draft despite his college numbers. He is a freak athlete for his size. I probably just overpaid for him on waivers but I’m thrilled to have him on board.
  9. There is also always an opportunity cost involved. By holding Len I forfeit an option to hold someone like... Hernangomez.
  10. If you wait until he shows “consistency on the court”, it’ll be too late because he won’t be on the waiver wire. The trick and art about waiver sleepers is to pick them up defore they break out.
  11. Trying to evaluate a strangers new fantasy team is like trying to sit through your spouses long description of a vaugue dream they had the previous night. “I had a weird dream” is enough for me. I see you had a draft. Good for you. Good luck with it.
  12. Weekly lineups and limited bench means that I am....gulp
  13. Another HR. Where would this guy be drafted today?
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