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  1. The league has a 3 year commitment, so there is a guarantee that it lasts 3 years, but your point is well taken.
  2. I have Machado in a start up dynasty 15 team league with 5x5 (OPS instead of AVG) roto based league. My team is very young. I'm looking to trade Machado (28.9 years old) as he is my oldest player. I'm looking around the league and trying to develop fair trades for me and my trade partner. I drafted Machado 29th overall, so a second round pick. I'm looking at trading him for Gavin Lux (5th round, 74th) and Bobby Witt Jr. (7th round pick, 104th) Is this fair for both parties? Would you call this trade a win win? Thanks
  3. Yes, filled and entry fees are paid, looks to be drafting this Thursday. Sorry :(.
  4. It's pretty comical that on these wonderful baseball forums we have a strong debate on something like this. It's pretty clear... Y! works wonders for the basic leagues, but has way too many holes for more advanced leagues. FanTrax has problems with basic interface issues and isn't easy to sign up for unless you have a planned league, but the tools under the shed far outweigh what Y! does. Both have pros/cons for each individual user. Y! is smart in that they attract the general fan of the game and will always be super popular due to that. Fantrax's niche is the hardcore fantas
  5. FanTrax is elite. Yahoo is good if you are just an average joe playing general fantasy baseball. Y! does a fantastic job at that. But FanTrax is where dynasty and keeper leagues should be played. Does such a better job with everything that really matters. As a Y! Player for well over 8-10 years, I'm so happy to have started my dynasty leagues on FanTrax.
  6. Haha, hey Schwaller! Mike, right? You are in my league #1 right now slow drafting. I'll keep you in mind, but I'm mainly leaving this league #2 open for different participants since there was high demand for league 1. If the league doesn't fill in the next day or so (we are up to 12 members out of 15) then i'll shoot you an e-mail.
  7. That sounds pretty awesome. The aspect of Roto year long is so good because it produces the true winner of the league (usually) and the process of a deep H2H playoffs is so nice because it allows (almost) everyone a chance to come back at the end to win some money due to the inherent luck of H2H on a weekly basis. If you are interested in joining, I'd love to have you! We have 11 teams now, and I hope I can fill it in the next 1-2 days. The next step will be to get everyone paid through FanTrax Treasurer and then start the slow draft!
  8. FanTrax allows you to copy the league which I plan on doing for the H2H playoffs. It should be a smooth process of just directly copying the league, then switching the format to H2H and manually scheduling the playoffs. I've never tried this before, but I've been messing around with the settings and seems to work out with no worries. Also from the fangraphs link (https://fantasy.fangraphs.com/highly-custom-league-of-the-week-roto-to-head/) confirms it via contact with FanTrax.
  9. This is a huge win for you, not even close TBH.
  10. lol @ people suggesting you get more for DeGrom. Do people realize that in start up dynasty drafts Robert is ranked AHEAD of degrom by most/some publications? https://www.fantraxhq.com/fantasy-baseball-dynasty-rankings/ The fact you are getting arguably the best SP prospect in the game to go along with robert makes this a FLEECE deal for you. If this trade went down in my league I'd be a bit pissed.
  11. Really shallow league. I would do Luciano for Snell in this style. If it was a deeper league I would rather hold onto the elite prospect, but at this setting, win now and get players that are elite now. Snell is no scrub as he's still very young, could be an ace on your team for 5+ years.
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