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  1. The only saving grace on this thought is teams will have to focus a lot of resources on Henry. A strong play action should freeze the safety and open 1 on 1 against the CB...hopefully
  2. As far as fantasy value here.... I know the blurbs are saying he’s a WR 2/3 cause of the offense. Nonsense. I think this was a great spot for him. I think Jones has potential, especially if they let him use his legs some. There is a ton of supporting talent so teams can’t just double team him all day. The division, especially defensively is complete trash. I’m not sure what’s not to like about this spot outside of the consistency questions around the QB. If u can draft him as a lower WR2/high 3 I’ll take that all day
  3. I don't think he did too bad money wise. 18 mil a year is pretty good considering the complete disaster that is the WR FA market right now. He could have gone the 1 year route and try again, but obviously a ton of risk there. I think he did well for himself all things considered, especially with the influx of WR talent that came out in the draft last year and that will be entering the league this year.
  4. I think another year of learning route running techniques behind Landry and obj would be great for him. I don’t see Beckham being on the team come 2022. No real value without an injury or obj being cut but I’d be stashing in dynasty’s and if you are in keeper leagues with deeper benches I might take him as a late round flier that could be kept cheap.
  5. Yea. I don’t understand why they signed Lindsay unless they want to give him. Tryout for a long term deal? I don’t see how it really helps them otherwise
  6. Agreed! I missed my window early last year thinking that he might actually do something last year if Drake got hurt and then take the job. I agree there is 0% chance he starts the year with the lead job and slightly more chance people give anything of value unless it's the owner of the eventual starter who wants to handcuff him.
  7. I hope you are right. I mean that would make some sense. New coaching staff. They don’t know much about Parham. Would make sense for them to bring a veteran in until they can at least see him in camp. I guess the reports during the off-season will be important to watch. Jared Cook is just so uninspiring as a player. Maybe he can help coach parham some before next year? still a dynasty hold IMO but def slides down the rankings some, not that he was way up there to begin with
  8. He won’t be odd man out. I think they like him as. Receiving/cop back. I can see them signing a guy like James Connor or fournette to lead the carries and chase to have the role he’s been having.
  9. wrapped around my depression of my parham train derailing before it even left the station is my joy in this gif. Where did you find this and how do you even know about it?? Its perfection for the situation.
  10. Higgins back in Cleveland. Barring an injury or ODB trade I don't see him having any value this year. Still a strong dynasty hold I feel.
  11. Carroll needs to go honestly. Everett being off the board continues to give me more and more hope for my Parham ticket. All I want is for him to get to the season with the starting role and then whatever happens happens.
  12. Depends on his targets. If he gets double digit targets more games than not he could be WR1. If he stays in that 6-8 range that he had been then probably what you saw the last 2 years.
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