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  1. He will be on a team but there's obviously very little value at this point.
  2. I was going to say... I don't remember CMC being an injury problem until this year...
  3. I trade for Metcalf in my dynasty in large part for the stability of Wilson being his QB just for him to get traded the first off-season. Just my luck. Anyway. If they do trade Wilson, I imagine they start a full rebuild. Depending on who they get at QB. Could be tough sledding ahead.
  4. So I see he is a target of Miami.....I could see that working really well. Young QB who has long term questions around him. Pair him with a proven back who can open things up for him. The question is....does Jones have the same success with Tua that he did with Rogers??
  5. I think the Dolphins try and get one of the WRs to help out Tua. I think it's at worst 50/50 that Sewell makes it to them at 5 which makes the decision very easy.
  6. I read that his brain has been donated to CTE research so we'll know sooner or later how much it was an impact, but it's looking more and more likely it was at least a contributing factor.
  7. Not too worried about him dumping down since that's not really Taylor's best strength as it is. We just need him to competent as you said. Just keep them from stacking 7 in the box. I agree, he's probably best case scenario for the options they had.
  8. If Wentz can have any type of presence to get the ball down field I'm really like Taylor this year. My biggest concern was that teams would stack the box with no Colts QB(and that may still be the case) but if Wentz can show anything there should be some good lanes for Taylor.
  9. Looks like a pretty good deal with the escalator to a first if he stays healthy. Thoughts on how this impacts the skill position players.
  10. I have no knowledge other than what's out there public, but I think this is going to eventually be either a suicide or an overdose...possibly both.
  11. This story is a little wild. Apparently he was reported missing on the 10th. Cops spoke to him on the 12th and determined he was ok. Then found dead a few days later. Sad news. Thoughts to his friends and family.
  12. He's def not a top 5 pick at the position anymore and definitely not in overall drafts, but I still think he could slide into that end of 1st, early second round and good be good value there IF he and the rest of the offense returns to normal. As others have pointed out, he was absolutely dominating until Dak got hurt. High risk/reward type player here. I own him on my dynasty team so I'm all in, but I'm wondering if the risk isn't worth the reward at that ADP? As the old saying goes....can't win your fantasy league in the first round but you can lose it.
  13. Hmm, I think Top 5 would be pretty aggressive. Give me CMC, Kamara, Cook, Henry, Barkley all before him at the position.
  14. 0% chance the Texans trade Watson in the division so you can rule that one out right now. Wilson is much more doable but I think the chances of the Seahawks trading him are on the same level of the Packers trading Rogers.
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