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  1. Have Wood, Nance, Hunter, Whiteside, FVV and Haliburton on IR at the moment. Waiting patiently for the first three, the last 3 aren't really "IR" but excited to have them back too.
  2. I mean maybe you should try knitting if Fox's missed free throws are ruining your fantasy season 😂
  3. I've never seen someone so strongly and willingly hate on a player who's actually playing well as much as this dude has - it's mind-boggling.
  4. Have you tried to trade him away? Or is your plan to rant on Fox's free throws for the rest of the season and continue to make yourself look like one of the worst posters on this forum? Because quite frankly if your team is suffering due to Fox's free throws as much as your posts make it seem, your team is probably trash and you should find a new hobby.
  5. If the point you're trying to prove is that Jarrett Allen got outplayed by a MVP candidate, I don't think anyone's shocked. It's a good thing he won't play MVP candidates every game.
  6. Payton’s out though. This will be a roller coaster the entire year.
  7. I'm in. Many worse options than this guy in the barren wasteland that is catchers.
  8. Will this finally be the long-awaited Freddy Peralta breakout? Peralta had a brief 2020 season as a middle reliever but averaged a whopping 14.4 K/9 over 29 innings. He's being stretched out in camp so it's looking like he'll get more innings (perhaps even start a few games). His ADP on Yahoo is near the 400's, making him a very low risk but high reward play. Those in holds leagues may want to take a look. What are we expecting?
  9. You're in the basketball forum mate! In any case, given the steep salary increases, I'd go Bellinger, Hiura, Bieber, Castillo and then Yelich if you're in win-now mode or Bauer if not.
  10. I've debated this trade in my head many times and as a Jarrett Allen owner, I'd be very very inclined to keep Allen. AD will be 28 years old this year and already has issues with injuries and resting games. I believe this is the beginning of his decline, whereas JA's trajectory is to the moon.
  11. Holding for now. Dude sucks irl but can do well in fantasy given the minutes.
  12. I don't disagree but the Kings are not going to flip a 23 year old they just spend max money on. They just aren't. Whether that hurts Haliburton or not, Fox is in Sacramento for the near future. I understand Fox's shortcomings but also don't expect him to be a complete player this early in his career. Not everyone's Luka. As an owner of both Fox and Haliburton, I hope they both thrive.
  13. This is the first time in this thread you actually contributed some analysis. Thank you. Continue hating though.
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