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  1. We start two. Do I put Rodgers or Ryan in with Mahomes? Ryan vs Det, all WR seem healthy. Rodgers @ Hou, Bakhtiari and AJones out. Or do I get crazy and start those two and bench Mahomes in fear of snow? Whir
  2. Agree with the group, drop Engram for Murray, Engram is replacement level at TE with NYG being so bad.
  3. I think the Ceiling is with Hardman, the Floor with Tonyan with Adams out (he should get at least a few catches given the dearth of receiving options in GB). White is the mystery, given NE's backup QB situ and swirling RB room. I'd start EITHER over White if I could
  4. 2 QB starting league, down big going into the extra Monday games. 6 pt PA TD .5 ppr. With Adams now out, I've got to replace him with either Mecole Hardman or Brian Hill. And then I need to decide on Matt Ryan or Aaron Rodgers at QB2. I could include Brian Hill over James White at RB2, but I'm leaning White for now. so QB: Rodgers or Ryan RB: B Hill or J White Flex: Hardman or leftover RB from above Starting Mahomes, Calvin Ridley, and the above mentioned 3. ESPN projected me within 3 before Adams was dropped out.
  5. Yeah, Campbell has a more direct route to useful targets than ANY of the RB.
  6. Ozigbo is probably the pure upside choice of the group, but I think Hines has a more direct path to usefulness, Esp with Rivers who likes to throw to the RB. If you want the BIGGEST lottery ticket I think it's Ozi, but if you want something "more likely" to produce something useful THIS year, Hines might be that guy over Ozi
  7. Clearly posting this at 2am was not ideal for gathering responses... Bump.
  8. This year we also changed from a 1 to a 2 QB league, so a LOT of the better QBs were kept at far below appropriate prices (Lamar Jackson $6, Pat Mahomes $9 ect). Start 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex, K, D ST. 9 Bench 2 IL. My RB room is rough, I'm hoping to flip Ryan (he has the same bye as Mahomes) for a decent RB. QB: Mahomes, $9 K, Ryan $19, Rodgers $21, Herbert $1 RB: Conner $26, Gibson $16, White $4, Pollard $1 WR: Adams $44, Ridley $20, Diggs $17, Landry $11, Jeffery $1, Corey Davis $1 TE: Fant $1, Hockenson $2, Goedert $2. K: Koo DST: Boys
  9. Couldn't find one of these, maybe there is one buried in the march stuff. Anyway, thought it might be a good idea to have a chat on stay-aways (besides Covid ones) in this year's new scenario. A couple of my thoughts to get the conversation started. A: with the expected earlier hooks, do we downgrade Tier 3 SP and upgrade Tier 1 MRP (Non closers in waiting specifically?) In a week I'd rather have 3 innings from Tommy Kahnle than from say JA Happ if he's being limited to start the season. B: Closer Chaos. 60 games in 64 days is a TIGHT schedule. I'd expect 20% of s
  10. Aim for 3rd in each category from LY's numbers. Often times the first few players go WAY beyond the pack chasing that last point.
  11. I liked what I saw from him last year, and was looking at him anyway in NL-Only, but now given the unbalanced schedule, I think he's gotta be upgraded to consideration in 12+ Mixed. Reds are likely one of the better teams in the "Centrals", and they get a LOT of crap teams to pound on. I think he's a buy on the cheap w/ good upside for this year.
  12. Luis Campusano is being carried by the Padres on the 60 man.
  13. Given this year's drop, I'd want something like Yelich + Chap + Soler for the three prospects. Take Soto off your side entirely. IMO you're giving up the TWO best dynasty pieces here.
  14. I think it depends in large part on how much you value winning this year. If you were likely to compete this year anyway, I might pass even IF this year was identical. If there's any reduction to your prize pool ect, I think I'd definitely think twice about trading so much future for so much right now. Soto is not THAT far behind Yelich and far younger (Fantasypros compiled dynasty ranks has Soto AHEAD of Yelich). Soler has had one good season. Chapman is getting older and has been suspended before. Voit and Castellanos are ok, but not world beaters. Kopech has opted out, so
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