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  1. I made the add at the start of the season and paying for
  2. Anyone heard this guy? I'm impressed he can just throw it together on the street.
  3. Yeah reminds me of someone can't place it, but it at least looked quick.
  4. Goodbye dalbec(datsun) hello g wagon
  5. Captain stabbin dudes def worth a poke
  6. I think this is the year. I'm buying
  7. Thread is too buried for the season he is about to have
  8. Now with the Nats killing it this spring and going late for a guy with 30 Homer upside.
  9. Nacho Libre Put a mask on him and he's Jack black the one with good hits
  10. Yeah absolutely agree.. he is a homeowner waiting to happen. Learn from Landry odell and take it 2022
  11. He needs someone to disappear first. But Uber talented better than Hollywood and route running behind Landry. Odell needs to go.
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