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  1. It's crazy expensive to do any collecting these days. Whose got 30 bucks for a 4 card pack hoping to get that 1 great card. Even when I was younger you could rip a whole box not get a Ken Griffey Jr when it was 24 bucks for a 36 pack box.
  2. Steven Jackson one of my all time favorites ❤
  3. If he is the starter just huge potential for whatever you got him for..
  4. Yeah hopefully these last two games show what he can do... and he can run his way to starter next year.
  5. Hilarious and brutal.. maybe he finds employment elsewhere after this years s show
  6. Wtf? Come on man can I trust you next year?
  7. Jokes on me... gd mapletron more like mapletree... gd branch hands...
  8. Diontae is only good cause he is force fed Last week 8 catches 50 yards... puke
  9. Def a dynasty stash id like to see some extended run to end the year but could be derek henry lite next year
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