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  1. Fantasy Football is so predictive. lol
  2. I'm on board. I'm surprised to see a lot of Thielen love on here, seems most people are on the opposite end. I just think people are bored and overthinking things at this time of the year.
  3. Apparently Foles likes throwing to DeDe, literally targeting him every throw.
  4. Beast WR1. Buying everywhere. 113/1373/9 last year while playing injured through the 2nd half of the season, he is just a monster.
  5. I was completely off him when his price was early 3rd round, now I love him with his adp in rounds 5/6. Don't hate the player, hate the adp.
  6. Fading him in the top 3. I would take CMC, Kamara, & Zeke ahead of him. I understand Saquon is probably the most talented RB, but he also has by the far the biggest risk out of those guys. The other dudes are just gold and they have #1 overall upside without the drawbacks of being on such a terrible offense.
  7. His #'s were better with Green on the field. He also balled out with Dalton hurt and some scrub at QB. I get it, everybody hates Boyd, I'm all over him though. If he played 16 games last year we're looking at like 85/1150/8, those are monster numbers, WR1 #'s and nobody likes this kid.
  8. Probably will be on a ton of my teams, dude is a beast and nobody likes him. Had 76/1,000/7 last year in only 14 games , gonna play the big slot Kupp role in this offense and he is there in the 6th/7th round, crazy value, IMO. His ADP only seems to be falling too.
  9. 22 years old and put up 111 / 1,426 / 7 . Was tackled inside the 2 yard line 5 times last year. Put up better numbers without AB in the lineup, and better #'s on the outside.Only 22 years old, he's only going to get better. People sleeping on this dude will get rekt.
  10. This sucks. My whole strat was based on getting this beast in round 3. The hype is going to be real.
  11. 1 - CMC 2 - Barkley 3 - Kamara 4 - Zeke 5 - Gordon 6 - Mixon 7 - DJ 8 - Conner 9 - Bell 10 - Chubb 11 - Cook 12 - Kerryon
  12. & Godwin is 37th on yahoo and rising, 1 pick away from being a 3rd round pick. These guys are not sleepers, everybody is on them and their ADP's are rising like crazy already.
  13. D.J Moore is currently ranked @ 48 in the new yahoo rankings, that's a 4th round pick in a 12 teamer. The dream of landing him in the 7th round + is a joke unless you'll be playing with scrubs.
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