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  1. Gallo now at .281/.427/.680 (1.107 for the season after two home runs. edit: can't count.
  2. Glad to see him up but I want to mention Gallo is supposedly not going to be in CF much more after returning from injury, and both he and Mazara could be back as soon as this weekend (soon at least barring setbacks). So his roster spot is definitely up in the air.
  3. After missing a game with a sore wrist a few days ago now he has been pulled from this one mid at bat (though he was trying to stay in) after grabbing at the oblique area between pitches. Wouldn't be counting on him playing the next few days IMO, though it just happened so no real word. Just hoping it's not IL worthy yet.
  4. Gallo with the slam hope it breaks him out of the mini slump.
  5. Hurt by a bad relay and blooper to end it, but Shawn Kelley blew it and took the L.
  6. Gallo is just ridiculous right now. 2 for 3 with a HR, 2B (off the wall), and BB. Now sitting at .293/.426/.687 (1.13). Most fun I've had watching a Ranger hitter since MVP Hamilton.
  7. As a Rangers fan personally I don't think they really handled it that badly. It's not their fault Willie can't really play a position and thus has to crack into the always crowded LF/DH mix, then came into last season out of shape with a bad attitude before putting up mediocre numbers in AAA. Not exactly banging down the door. Thankfully he came into this year in better shape, crushed it for 6 weeks in AAA, earned the callup, got it... and started 5 of 7 games. Choo & Pence have a combined OPS over 1.0 vs righties playing all season, managers don't just bench that cold so he missed
  8. I was looking over his statcast data this morning. While every bit helps, he has only made incremental gains in contact/K%, and worse in a couple specifics... and following that his K% is just a bit under last year at a very high 35.2%. The two big changes are 1) Being far more patient in general, taking more both in (72.4% swing rate to 66%) and out (29.2% swing rate to 19.4%) of the zone. Biggest improvement is not chasing high pitches, he chased 42% high and away last year to only 11% this year.. in a relatively small sample obviously. And 2) Basically dropped 6-10% flyballs for l
  9. Gallo sitting at a 1.079 OPS on May 20th pleases me.
  10. Minor 9 ks through 5 scoreless, he's been impressive all year.
  11. Odor had raised his OPS 133 points in 6 AB. Another 133 and he will be back to league average. Mikolas getting knocked around, 6 in the 2nd.
  12. 1.11 OPS on the year (.276/.425/.686), 13 walks in the last 9 games helping him get up to 27 runs already, and even picked up his second steal just now. Been rooting for him hard since the minors, great to see him breaking out. Obviously he will come down a bit at some point, but as long as he maintains the patience he should be productive.
  13. Gallo with a 114 mph line shot down the line for his 11th HR. Killing it.
  14. Gallo with 3 HR, 8 SO, 8 BB in 32 PA. Got that TTO working, good first week+.
  15. Caught my eye that he ended up hitting .415/.457/.829 (1.286 OPS) for the spring in 40 AB. I've never really been excited about him as he was always more projection than results, high GB rate mediocre walk rate.. but once in a while the projections actually pan out so I'll be interested to see if he can translate some momentum to real games here and if his swing actually looks any different.
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