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  1. Earlier this week: The Lions are expected to turn their attention to re-signing free agent Brandon Pettigrew. Detroit locked up C Dominic Raiola to a new one-year deal this week and will now shift its focus to Pettigrew. The burly tight end is an above-average blocker and can play all three downs, but the Lions need to not overpay here. If the Lions do re-up Pettigrew, they need to find a pass-catcher to pair with him at tight end. Today: Joseph Fauria is expected to play an "important role" in new OC Joe Lombardi's offense. Lombardi worked with Jimmy Graham in New Orleans and plans to b
  2. It's not so much his YPC, but his size - 230 lbs - and speed - 4.52 40 time - and his body of work over 4 seasons that leads most people to believe Gerhart could be successful in a full time role. He was drafted in the 2nd round for a reason - he was that good coming out of college and has the production, size, speed, and pedigree to back it up. Saying that he can't be a starting RB in the NFL is borderline racist commentary by Rotoworld. There's every indication that he would be a solid RB if given a full-time role... but he's white so he must not be capable.
  3. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune does not anticipate free agent Toby Gerhart returning to the Vikings. "It's hard to see Gerhart back in Minnesota," writes beat reporter Master Tesfatsion. Tesfatsion believes Gerhart has the "talent to be a lead back in the NFL," though we don't agree. Still, investing in a long-term backup for Adrian Peterson wouldn't be a savvy move by Vikings GM Rick Spielman. Expect Zach Line, Matt Asiata, and perhaps a late-round draft pick to vie for the job. Yeah, a 4.7 YPC over 4 seasons screams "part-time role" to me. Not to mention he has done a more than serviceable
  4. Right...the fastest player on the team isn't a deep threat. Please. Durrr..... again, just b/c he can run fast doesn't make him a WR. That's like saying Trindon Holliday is the best deep threat on the Broncos because he's the fastest player. Please.
  5. Patterson and Gordon are nothing alike. Patterson is definitely not a deep threat.
  6. And why is that a good argument? "Durrrr... the other players on his team suck so he must be good." Don't forget about Jarius Wright either. Jennings knows a route tree and will be utilized primary., Rudolph will be Cameron 2.0 in Norv's system. Patterson and Wright will be the Greg Little/Davone Bess role. Oh yeah, who's there QB again? LOL.
  7. The Patterson to Gordon comparison is also ridiculous. If you're expecting that kind of production out of Patterson, I've got some oceanfront property in Phoenix I'd like to sell you.
  8. Percy Harvin has run the entirety of the route-tree in his time in the league. Patterson can't barely execute a fly route and gets jammed at the line way too easily. His TDs were a result of fluky rushing TDs and kick returns - again, not showing any real ability other than to run fast. So again, your argument is stupid. By your ridiculous logic, Trindon Holliday needs to be on the field all the time for the Broncos. Josh Gordon was a refined route-runner when he entered the league. That was actually a strength that scouts noticed in college. What did Gordon do in his rookie year v.s. w
  9. Cordarrelle Patterson is expected to be the Vikings' starting split end "for years to come." Patterson played behind Jerome Simpson for much of his rookie year, averaging just 28.0 snaps per game and finishing with a 45/469/4 line. But Simpson is an unrestricted free agent facing another NFL suspension and it's obvious to anyone with two functioning eyes that Patterson needs to be an every-down player. He has the natural ability to be Percy Harvin with the ball in his hands at a freakish 6'2/216. There won't be many better fantasy breakout candidates in 2014 than Patterson. Uh, except for th
  10. Yeah, he's still there. Rotoworld's becoming a real clown-show.
  11. I wish there was a way to somehow block out Rotoworld's "blurbs" so we just get the news and the source - they are becoming increasingly obnoxious with their oftentimes erroneous "predictions" and "analysis."
  12. I liked this gem from earlier today in regard to the Pats/Colts game: We expect Saturday night's game to have a 23-20 type result. Stick to reporting news and cut with the analysis. It's been severely lacking since Rosenthal left.
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