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  1. Dominated regular season, 9 game winning streak, most total points by a wide margin, and a bye last week. Semifinals, everything went wrong for me, and right for him. Now it's all down to tonight. Need 31 points combined between Big Ben and Steelers Defense. Honestly I think my odds are exactly 50/50 right now...not a great feeling to have.
  2. Lol what kind of a seat is this?? “Teams” plural?? He had played 1 such game all season, and sure, he only scored 2 points. Congrats, that means nothing. He’s a stud, he can hit from 50+ with ease, o/u for the game is one of the highest in the league this week ad 51.5, and Ryan will stall in the red zone as always.
  3. All interesting matchups for sure, I'm on the same page as you, unfortunately most of those are owned in my league. Hence why I'm most curious about WFT or HOU. For most of us at this stage, it's important to get the jump and make this week, ahead of waivers next week. I keep going back and forth on talent vs. matchup.
  4. Not a lot of great options looking ahead to Week 16: Washington vs. Carolina Houston vs. Cincy WFT clearly the much much better defense, but Cincy has allowed double digit points to every defense every single week since Burrow went out.
  5. Limited today with a right quad. Please god no. Not my MVP!
  6. What?? It was reported all over, everywhere, including Yahoo Fantasy, which uses Rotoworld for their player updates. I’m in Yahoo and I was getting alerts all weekend. If you somehow missed out, it’s 100% in you, and pretty inexcusable. Friday 2pm: Tua Questionable. Saturday 1:45: Tua Doubtful. Fitzpatrick to start this week. Sunday 10:45am: Tua possibly out multiple weeks. Sunday 11:45: Tua inactive today.
  7. EDIT: According to Schefter, they are still planning on playing this thing Tuesday. Shocking.
  8. I’m not sure it matters anymore. There’s no way in hell they’re playing Tuesday night now. And all signs point towards Lamar being cleared by Monday for their next game.
  9. What do we think about ROS outlook? With Brown out a minimum of 3 weeks, he’s flashed at times. But the schedule seems brutal: LAC, SF, PIT
  10. Driskel COVID positive for Denver, and now the entire QB corps was pulled due to being close contacts. They gonna play with no QB tomorrow?? They really may need to pause the league for a week or two.
  11. My bad, looks like he jammed his thumb Wednesday in practice. Rest of my statement stands. But like I said, it gives Flores an excuse to go back to Fitz.
  12. Tua actually hurt his thumb in the game last week, not a new injury sustained in practiced. I see this as just coaches speak for Flores. He practiced all week in a limited manner, and all signs pointed towards him starting Sunday, but this opens the window slightly for Flores to backtrack on his previous statements. I still give Tua 80% chance to start. But something to monitor for sure.
  13. Hell, they aren’t even allowed to congregate together at their facilities till Monday at the earliest, and likely later if there are more positives today. It is quite literally impossible to play on Sunday.
  14. I’m not sure why people keep pushing this narrative. Postponing the game isn’t about doing Baltimore a favor or leniency. It’s about attempting to stop the spread in what appears to be a full on outbreak within their organization. They continue to have multiple positives each day, you can’t possibly have the whole team travel to the stadium, interact all day, and play in a game. You’re going to infect the entire team, plus more. Positive tests don’t appear immediately, there is an incubation period. It’s not about being lenient to the Ravens who have a short lineup, it’s keep everyo
  15. Will be the starter, per Schefter. Jameis is the backup.
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